Lockdown Challenge: Five Weight Loss Tips to Embrace

Lockdown Challenge: Five Weight Loss Tips to Embrace
We are constantly being preached to for making ‘the most of quarantine’ by being productive. And this pressure is getting to us.

Do you also undergo guilt trips for not being productive enough during this time? Personally for us, the failure of not being able to inculcate positive life changes has been a sloppy affair. It is important to take one day a time and not overburden yourself with the weight of being super productive, all the time. Even the slightest changes like embracing a positive habit or cutting back on a bad one makes all the difference. Here are FIVE easy-to-adapt, fuss-free health habits that you can embrace, which your body will definitely thank you for.

But first, breakfast!

If you are getting up at 10am for that virtual meeting, make sure you aren’t skipping on breakfast. It keeps you charged and prevents you from snacking on oily meals till lunch time. You will find that it will do wonders for your metabolism, while also making you less cranky!

Ultimate homemade tonic – honey, lemon, water

This refreshing concoction can be taken before your breakfast (healing drink for that stressful morning meeting, maybe?). It expels toxins from your body and revs up your metabolism. And once you try taking this daily, it is most likely to become a habit of a lifetime!

Have most meals before 8 pm

Eating your meals several hours before you hit the bed helps your body digest it better. Remember, good digestion is essential for better weight management.

Easy on the salt!

And you thought sugar was the real enemy? Consumption of salt in excess is as bad for the body. Excess of salt in most meals leads to water retention which curbs healthy weight loss. Cutting back on salt is recommended by many dietitians for people trying to watch their weight.

Say no to tinned cans and processed foods

Not the best habit to adopt when we are holed up in the home, with the idea of ready-in-two-minutes meals tempting us. Processed foods (most edibles in tinned, sealed packages) are bad news for the body, as they are rich in trans-fat, salts and additives. Next grocery trip coming up? Stay away from the tinned aisles. 

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