Celeste Home Fashion: Step into Your Dream Room

Celeste Home Fashion: Step into Your Dream Room
Being fashionable is not only a want but a need; fashion has now expanded from clothes to interiors and people have started expressing their style through the spaces they inhabit. Homes are now a true reflection of their owner’s aesthetic sense. Aesthetically designed bedrooms with fashionable furniture add to the value of the space and enable an individual to wake up recharged, revitalised and inspired.

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Being a premium home brand, Celeste Home Fashion embraces this fact. Envisioning the homes of tomorrow to be as stylish and fashionable as they are functional, the brand believes in turning your home into a fashion statement and works tirelessly to produce products with an essence of excellence. With a wide range of unique bedroom collections, and the option of customising colours, fabrics and materials, the company’s mission is to provide luxurious bedroom furniture and accessories at affordable rates so that customers can remodel their bedrooms with ease.

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Not only that, an eclectic collection of beautiful decorative pieces, paintings and flowers help each individual accessorise their space the way they have always imagined. The chandeliers, floor lamps and gorgeous table lamps in every theme imaginable add that extra bit of spotlight that your room so deserves.

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Sleeplab – A Higher Standard of Dreaming

Sleep helps the human body recharge and rejuvenate itself. A poor choice in mattress hinders peaceful sleep and can have a negative impact on your mental and physical well-being. Hence, it is important that you make a wise and well thought out decision while choosing your mattress.

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Introduced for the first time in Pakistan, the Sleeplab by Celeste Home Fashion concept is the first of its kind as a space dedicated to providing the ultimate sleep experience. Customers are invited to try each product – be it a mattress, pillows or other comfort accessories – as they should be experienced, in a private, relaxed, sleep-friendly environment, and help them understand the value of sound sleep. Only when you experience different types of mattresses can you find out what fully satisfies your relaxation needs.The Sleeplab by Celeste Home Fashion allows you to get that feel and enables you to pick the mattress that best defines your requirements.

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Realising the optimum that the body requires during slumber, the Sleeplab products integrate the latest technology and innovation. From micro-pocket coils, memory foam, hypo-allergenic latex, temperature regulating cooling gels to cloud-like softness or orthopedically approved firmness, the Sleeplab mattresses have all the core needs covered. These combined with the wide range of pillows and sleep accessories make each sleeping experience personalised and different from the other.

Knowing that a home deserves only the best, Celeste Home Fashion takes care of everything from delivery to assembling to make the entire shopping experience hassle free for its customers. So if you are looking to transform your home with a stylish touch, visit Celeste Home Fashion today to be swept up by the magic of class and peaceful sleep you have never experienced before.

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