For Better or Worse, Thora Jee Le Is A Breath Of Fresh Air!

For Better or Worse, Thora Jee Le Is A Breath Of Fresh Air!
Thora Jee Le released across Pakistan on 20th January 2017 under the umbrella of HUM Films. The story revolves around seven friends from different backgrounds and further sheds light on how their lives transform as they progress. Thora Jee Le is all about self-discovery and friendship between close friends who grow closer and fall apart; they venture on an unpredictable journey that fate has in store for them only to find out each one has their own role to play.  WhatsApp Image 2017-01-23 at 1.13.24 PM

The film begins with the introduction of six lead characters namely, Kaizaad, Party, TC, Bahaar, Misha and Andy. The variety of actors bring with them their own story that is highlighted throughout the film. For instance, Kaizaad is shown as a well to-do young guy whereas TC belongs to a middle class family who struggles to make his ends meet - making the film very realistic and relatable.WhatsApp Image 2017-01-23 at 1.13.25 PM

As the film progresses, the six friends reunite in tragedy – when a common friend, Party, suffers from an overdose of drugs which unites the friends. This is followed by a roadtrip and from that moment onwards, the plot thickens and moves on towards its climax.WhatsApp Image 2017-01-23 at 1.13.26 PM (1)

When Rafay Rashidi announced he would be introducing new actors, it sure did sound like a huge risk and it probably was. However, some of them did turn out really good namely, Bilal Abbas Khan who played the role of Party Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram, who portrayed Azaad the angry, possessive husband of Misha. But Ramsha Khan outshone everyone with her performance as Misha. Hats off to her!

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On the other hand, much to our surprise, Rizwan Ali Jaffri turned out to be a disappointment. Kasim Khan and Salman Faisal tried their best to get screen time but failed to do justice to their complex characters. Fatima shah jillani had a minimal role but did great on her part.

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-23 at 1.14.08 PMThough, there are a few technical issues in the film; the bumpy sound and lots of close-ups, but all in a all Thora Jee Le is definitely a onetime watch that you wouldn't want to miss out for its plot and music!       WhatsApp Image 2017-01-23 at 1.13.26 PM