When In Doubt Wear Jeans

When In Doubt Wear Jeans
Don't worry you will definitely be working it if you are wearing any one of the 7 Styles of Jeans this season.


The Classy Raw Hems

Every girl deserves to own a pair of these trendy jeans, as they have become a staple for the wardrobe. Pair it up with nice pencil heels and look classy yet fashionable at the same time. Don't forget to buy yourself a pair from Zara or DIY at home. It looks best when the fit is skinny oras cropped jeans.




The Funky Stickers on Jeans

Are you bored of wearing plain jeans. Grab these sticker jeans to add a pop of colour to your outfit. A trend popular in the 1980s is back in fashion. From slogans to logos and stickers, choose the stickers you love for your jeans. Oh, and the best part? All you have to do is iron them on at home!


The High Fashion Patchwork Jeans

From runways to street style, this two-toned trend was a recurring style in 2016. Endorsed by the fashion giant YSL, these patchwork jeans need to be paired up with heeled boots or sneakers. Embrace this style to look highly fashionable.




East mix West Embroidered Jeans

Colourful embroidered jeans took the fashion world by storm in 2016. Major celebrities like Amal Clooney have been caught endorsing this trend. They look best when the jeans are flared, as it gives an eastern and western touch to the jeans.




Acid-Washed Jeans

Another style from the 80s back in fashion is the acid washed jeans. Want your top to stand out more yet look funky and up to date with fashion trends. Then go for these jeans. Although they were amongst the most hated fashion trends. They have definitely made a comeback in 2016.




Holographic Patches

In line with the holographic craze that has swept the fashion world, mom jeans with holographic patches are now what you should be wearing!




Flared Jeans

Get your 70s groove on with flared jeans. With these jeans you can deceive the world. They make your legs look long and skinny. Victoria Beckham, KarlieKloss and KourtneyKardashian have all been spotted wearing these! If you want this look go and grap a pair, but don't forget to pair them up with heels.

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