Umair Jaswal's Debut Single 'Na Rahoon' Hits The Right Chords

Umair Jaswal's Debut Single 'Na Rahoon' Hits The Right Chords
There's something about the Jaswal brothers. The brother-trio of Umair Jaswal, Uzair Jaswal and Yasir Jaswal has successfully been taking over the recent film and music sphere.

However, while Uzair and Yasir have been quite active, Umair came back with a bang with Sammi Meri Waar on the renowned  Coke Studio platform and ever since then has been delivering one successful project after the other.

As the former Qayaas vocalist gears up to release his first solo single,  Na Rahoon he speaks about how it encapsulates the feelings of heartache, the stresses and the emotional abuse that one gets caught in when dealing with a toxic relationship. The video features Hira Tareen and not only does she look beautiful but her presence brings along a vibrancy to the song.

This track hits straight home; being stuck in a viscous cycle of a toxic relationship for a long time has an impact on ones emotional and mental well being and is not something we find commonly addressed amongst each other. Usually people emphasise more on the physical burden that love brings with it. Therefore, this song is able to successfully voice the unsaid and unheard dialogues that fade away in distress.
The songs composed by Umair Jaswal are mostly inspired from his personal experiences whether it be it something he has gone through himself or witnessed closely around himself. Inclined towards his feelings and reflecting his emotional growth, Umair's upcoming music will be relatable on a global level.

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