No Sweats: The Ultimate Guide To Best Active Wear and Work Out Clothing At Dolmen Mall Clifton

No Sweats: The Ultimate Guide To Best Active Wear and Work Out Clothing At Dolmen Mall Clifton
Exercise is all about feeling good, getting fitter and achieving results. The right workout gear speaks volumes, about who you are as a person and what you want in life!  Aside from aesthetics, gym attire needs to be functional. Ideally, you should not dress the same for every workout class. While many of you might think that active wear is not available in Pakistan, you will be surprised to find the latest international styles at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi. Trips to Dubai are no longer required to update your gym wardrobe!

Head to Dolmen Mall Clifton to find the best workout pants, performance t-shirts and trainers. The prices are surprisingly reasonable (there is something for every pocket) and the variety is truly impressive! Take my shopping guide along to snag the very best buys!

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1. Invest in the right pant:

Please don’t wear your night suit bottoms to the gym! Clothing trends change but good basics never go out of style. Invest in a pair of black Nike or Adidas tight fit pants and they will last you forever!

Consider the activities you do most and make sure the clothes you buy are comfortable and appropriate for that activity. If you do cycling or spinning baggy pants are a bad idea because they can get stuck in the bike and cause injury. Similarly, for a class like yoga or Pilates, you can go for a looser fit but anything that is too oversized will prevent the instructor from being able to see your form.

“Compression tights” are excellent for high intensity workouts because they use performance fabric to encourage blood circulation and even lower DOM (delayed onset of muscle soreness). You can buy them at any sports store. They might be expensive but view them as an investment. When buying pants, always check the fabric blend, a small percentage of Spandex/Polyester/Lycra will allow you a greater range of motion during exercise. These synthetic materials enhance the stretch/fit and versatility of a fabric. The materials keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

If you prefer natural materials, wool or bamboo tracks are another option because they wick away moisture in a similar fashion.

2. The Perfect T-shirt:

For t-shirts, choose the right fit as opposed to a standard size. Always try on the shirt before purchasing it for exercise. Look at the material when shopping for gym t-shirts. The fabric should have ‘moisture wicking and performance qualities.’ In other words, the shirt will not cling to your body when you perspire and will dry quickly.

Many people wear pure cotton t-shirts to their exercise class. That is exactly why shopping for gym specific clothing is so important: cotton tends to trap perspiration, sticks to your skin and therefore becomes see-through. A performance fabric with tiny amounts of spandex, polyester or Lycra is always better for working out in a hot climate like ours. The same can be said for sports bras: Nike, Reebok, Puma, Addidas and Triumph (amongst others at Dolmen Mall Clifton) will have you spoilt for choice!

3. Gym cover-ups:

Athleisure is a new trend that puts chic workout-wear to the forefront of our closet! Athleisure emphasises trendy sports clothing that you can wear both to the gym and around town! Think of Stella McCartney’s line for Addidas or Rihanna for Puma…2017 is all about statement gym wear!

Even if you don’t want to buy a head to toe designer gym look, invest in a flattering cover-up!

Cover-ups tie an outfit together, making it chic and adding an element of individuality. When shopping for a gym cover-up, think outside the box. Don’t go to a sports store. I love wearing a large denim shirt (unbuttoned at the front) or a cool summery caftan over my gym tank. Another great option would be a half sleeve jersey hoodie or a hip mesh jacket.

Finally, don’t forget to add a trendy scarf to put the ensemble together. Even if you leave the gym drenched in sweat, a snazzy scarf always makes you look presentable. For cover-ups and scarves, try stores like Khaadi, Next, Mango, Urban Outfitters, Ensemble, Sapphire etc at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Get creative and really show off your individual style with these items!

4. Gym Bags are the new ‘IT BAGS’:

A gym bag needs to make a statement about who you are. Instead of carrying a regular polyester duffel bag, invest in a classier option like a leather tote or a brightly colored canvas bag. Even if you are wearing your old tracks to the gym, a hip bag and a colorful scarf will make you look put-together and polished.

Dolmen Mall Clifton is full of fabulous options: Debenhams is my personal favorite!

5. Trainers before Heels!

If you are serious about getting fit and staying injury free, you need to invest in the right training shoe. Ideally, you need two different shoes: one for cardio, HIIT, running; and another shoe that is designed for weightlifting.

Don’t fret! If you have just started going to the gym and you do a little bit of everything, then you should invest in cross trainers. Cross trainers are all-purpose athletic shoes that have medium cushioning, are flexible and light. An example would be Nike MetCon 2 or any cross trainers available at Adidas, Puma, and Reebok etc.

6. Cardio shoes:

Running shoes should have neutral cushioning and a soft sole that adjusts itself to support your feet. They should be light, responsive to your feet and breathable so that your feet don’t heat up on the track. Examples of good running shoes are Nike Zoom, Adidas Adizero Tempo 8 and Asics Gel Content. Finally, remember that a running shoe or any type of cardio shoe is a personal matter: so try them on, do a couple sprints around the store and then decide.

7. Weightlifting shoes:

You want a shoe with minimal padding so that your feet are in close contact with the ground. For example, when you are doing a heavy back squat, you want a relatively flat sole with a stable base. Similarly, with kettle bell swings you want to be grounded as opposed to feeling wobbly. Therefore, a weightlifting shoe is secure and kind of feels like a second skin. Good examples would be Nike MetCon3 and AdiPower from Adidas.

Finally, whatever trainer you buy, remember to update it after six to eight months to prevent injury and enhance performance.

Happy shopping at the mall!