A Talented Sister-Duo Takes Over The Hair Care Industry With Hairthenticc

A Talented Sister-Duo Takes Over The Hair Care Industry With Hairthenticc
Taking care of your hair is as important as giving food to your body. While most of you will agree that it can be time consuming to cater to the needs of your hair, we must not forget that the post results are what keeps each one of us going.

During the past few months, amidst a pandemic, we have witnessed one of most aesthetically packaged hair products which has been making waves in the digital world. A talented sister-duo, took a leap of faith and are now envisioning to make a mark in this worldwide $81 billion hair care industry.

Their  all natural and exquisite formulations are infused with over 18 fusion oils and centuries old beauty rituals with a product line ranging and catering to both, males and females. Available to be delivered across Pakistan,  Hairthenticc offers primarily quick results and prevents hair fall to severely dry hair.

Blowouts, straightening, curling, and the use of chemical products all eventually lead to hair damage and with Hairthenticc’s all natural oils, one can nurse their hair back to its best state. Hairthenticc can work miracles on any hair type and texture and with their recent reviews across Social Media, we can say that their products are showing tremendous results leaving their customers with healthier, shinier, and softer hair. We feel this young brand will be the game-changer and they are already working on a full range of hair products to be made available soon.

Their all-rounder signature and their Men’s Oil are both running products consisting of,  but not be limited to, a miraculous blend of six main oils; coconut oil, amla oil, black seed oil, almond oil, argan oil and olive oil along with 12 other essential oils. Each of them provides a variety of nutrients to your hair. The main formulation also doubles as a subtle hair perfume with a hint of lavender.

Everything that they sell from their products, to packaging and even the minimalist Instagram content they create is solely done by the talented duo, so you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality, personalized service. Bonus points for the adorable jute pouch they send along for the oil dropper!

Follow them on Instagram to keep an eye on their new products as well as their regular haircare tips and DIY hair mask recipes: https://www.instagram.com/hairthenticc/

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