Got Frizz? Then This is Your Bizz

Got Frizz? Then This is Your Bizz

It is the hottest time of the year and that means: having to deal with frizzy hair! But have no fear cause I am here!

Here are the top 9 hairstyles to combat humidity hair:

1) Headbands

Does it get any easier than this? For all my lazy girls out there, if you can rock this look, people will just end up thinking you’re a Chanel model- because headbands are all the rage this season for Chanel. Keep that hair away from your face and your frizzy tresses locked down. Also, its a great look for just running errands. Did i just say 'running'?

2) Side Pony

This early 2000 Dior hairdo is making a great comeback (just make sure to tie it closer to the nape of your neck, rather than higher up). It’s sleek, it keeps your hair out of your face (because we all know, the sticky hair to face look is not attractive) and it is super easy. Use a little bit of hair spray, if you must, to calm down the frizz.

3) French Braid

Nothing is more beautifully elegant than a textured, slightly tousled, loose French braid.  If you don’t know how to do it yourself, just ask your Ama to do it for you- "because mother knows best" (reference to Tangled).

4) Double French Braid

If you’re looking for something more playful, then try the double French braids as seen on Kylie on countless occasions. I promise you, even if you run the 500 metre marathon, your hair will not budge. Just make sure to first apply a salt spray for texture.

5) Wet look

Think Kate Moss, a sleek, middle parting and the rest of your hair tucked neatly behind your ears. To master this look, apply a gel product to the lengths of your damp hair and let dry after you’ve styled it. Humidity does not deal with this level of hotness!

6) Side Twists

To achieve this look; first make a middle parting (like Salman Khan from Tere Nam) then begin twisting sections from either sides, adding more hair as you travel along your temples towards the nape of your neck and then just bobby pin the masterpiece in place. Ta daaa!

7) Ballet Bun

I have been seeing ballet buns everywhere this summer, and every time i get the weirdest, strongest urge to poke them with my finger! Anyway, these are super cute. Just pull your hair back in a tight, high pony tail (on the crown of your head) and then wrap the length of your hair around the base of the pony. Finally, secure the ends with either another rubber band or bobby pins. If you like, use a little hair spray to secure the look.

8) Volume

If you are blessed, like me, with natural waves then just let your hair loose and watch the magic happen. Try using a nourishing hair oil (only sparingly, on the lengths of your hair) to trap the moisture and give the benefit of the doubt of possessing healthy hair. *Wink*

9) Accessorise

Tie up your locks in either a pony tail or a cute little bun, but use pretty clips to keep the fly-aways locked and also to divert the attention away from your little frizzes and towards your majestic, bejewelled hair accessories.

I hope this helps. Good luck girls!

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