Some effective tricks to help you achieve flawless and glowing look on your big day!

The desi wedding season is here again, and every bride wants to look her best, especially when all the eyes are on the bride. And for every girl preparing for her marriage this season, the most important thing while planning the wedding is the self-pampering regimen. From skincare treatments to makeup kits, glossy hair, nails, and managing the looks without an expert - every single thing needs to be on point. So, here HELLO! Shares with you the ultimate bridal beauty regime every bride should follow before her big day!

Get in Shape

Time doesn’t stop for anyone, and when you have merely two months left from your big day! Start with your body; invest in a personal trainer and a meal plan for a perfect sharara fit: The workout routine should be five to three times a week, depending on how much weight you want to lose or just work on certain body parts. We have listed some helpful workout routines and diet that you should try: 

Workouts: Spin class, kickboxing, Zumba, TRK, Crossfit, Tabata

Diets: Atkins diet, keto diet, Scarsdale diet, whole 30

Pick a diet and workout plan that suits you and your lifestyle, and go with it! The wedding is just a few weeks away! Get started now. 

Skin Treatment 

If you encounter issues like pigmentation and dull skin or acne then, it's the right time to start with your specific skincare treatments in addition to your regular skincare routine. Make a trip to your nearest spa and think of it as a refresh of sorts — a simple traditional facial can make all the difference with so many wedding happenings on the mind that freaks your skin out. Start your monthly facials at least three months prior to the wedding, exfoliate twice a week, and add a hydrating serum to your makeup routine. This routine will boost your skin's health, helping it to look clearer and brighter. 

If you are more into natural stuff, try skin treatments like Aloe Vera skin mask, Coffee Mask, Coconut oil. Or go through the DIY masks recipes that HELLO! gathered to solve your skin issues. 

One Month to Go

The final month before the wedding, brides are often the most stressed - their bridal fittings and dance practices and dholkis are full swing at this point. A few things brides should try to relax:

A week-long juice cleanse: This helps with weight loss and boosts metabolism - our hair and skin feel better, and we, as a whole, feel lighter.

Body Scrubs and Massages: A month before the wedding is when the bride needs to relax the most and get her glow on. Make sure to take an hour out in the day for a body massage with Ubtan - known to give brides a healthy and shiny glow.

Yoga: Breathing exercises and yoga help relieve stress and sweat out all the toxins in the body. And also, it helps keep a person's mind positive.

A Day before the Wedding

This is the final day to pamper you to avoid anxiety and remain calm mentally. Because a day after is the wedding day, a day when brides should be able to enjoy their day to the fullest, and there are some ways to get rid of that extra bit of stress. 

Get plenty of sleep: It is pretty normal to feel insomniac a day before the wedding but losing sleep not only harms your health and energy levels. It also impacts your physical appearance – probably one of the biggest concerns for brides-to-be before their big day. Try to follow your normal sleep schedule so; you wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready for your big day.

Meditate Your Worries Away:  When you wake up - take a few minutes to meditate. Count your blessings and think about how happy you are and how far you have come. Your family and friends have gathered to be a part of your little celebration and to share your special day with you. Cherish these moments as they are the beginning of your new life.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast: You need all the energy you can get to be getting married, feel good about yourself without feeling bloated off course. Start your day with eggs/oatmeal raisins or anything delicious of your choice. 

Take A Bubble Bath: With a cup of coffee, today is the day you get all those nasty thoughts off your head and feel good about yourself, you'll need your fix of caffeine as it is going to be a long week celebration ahead... what better way to relax than a bubble bath? 

Smile; take a deep breath as now you are ready to rock your wedding. Go, get married girl!

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