Bilal Abbas Khan: New Kid On The Block!

Bilal Abbas Khan: New Kid On The Block!
What are you working on these days, besides the drama serial O Rungreza?
I’m working on another serial called Qurban, it’s a beautiful love story by Zafar Mairaj which will be aired very soon!

What did you think you would grow up to be when you were a kid?
Actually, I always thought I would be an actor…

What brought you to the world of acting?
I am movie buff and have grown up watching Indian movies – so Bollywood films are my inspiration.

Which Pakistani actors inspire you and why?
I would like to begin with Noman Ijaz and Sania Saeed because they have a great hold on their craft and have the ability to switch in and out of their
roles in a few seconds; the choices that they made were phenomenal, different and unusual. I am also inspired by Saba Qamar because of the energy she has, and last but not least, by Sajal Ali who at such a young age has acted with such maturity – I am in awe.

A favourite actor of all time?
Suffice to say, Marlon Brando!

Three movies you’ve loved since you were young?
These are close to my heart; Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai.

Your favourite drama serial and why?
I really liked Udaari because of the social issue that they highlighted in a subtle way and the message was very well delivered.

If you were asked to star in a film, your ideal role would be?
Something that is extremely intense and dark.

Your biggest support?
My family.

Your daily mantra?
Stay positive.

Your one-year plan?
Just keep going with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Favourite outfit to wear on the red carpet?
A tuxedo!

If you were asked to describe your qualities in one line, you would say…?
I am extremely passionate about my work, always focused, committed to delivering the best performance, I can’t get hurt or distracted easily.

Three most appealing qualities in a woman?
Top of my list; a sense of humor!

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