Esra Bilgic in Cola Next’s latest TVC is a sight for sore eyes

Esra Bilgic in Cola Next’s latest TVC is a sight for sore eyes

What better way to inspire a person to attain the next level in their life than to rope in the charismatic and mesmerizing EsraBilgic for an adrenaline-pumping advertisement?

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic is a household name in Pakistan, thanks to the massive popularity that the hit Turkish TV seriesDirilis: Ertugrul enjoys in the country. Bilgic, a multi-talented Turkish actress who has essayed diverse avatars throughout her career, can be seen in the latest Cola Next TVC inimpressively-choreographed action sequences, fighting villains tooth and nail, all the while taking swigs from a Cola Next bottle. If that doesn’t entice you to watch the ad, I don’t know what will. 

It's a delight to watch Bilgic in an entirely new avatar. In one of the most riveting scenes of the advertisement, she can be seen flipping a table over at a high-end restaurant and indulging in some hand-to-hand combat, taking on guys who look twice her size and built much better than her. 

This overall, subtle message will resonate well with fans. The youth are generally restless and crave action and high doses of adrenaline. Watching Bilgic effortlessly move and ooze with confidence, physically outdoing her male competitors one by one, will be a sight for sore eyes for many out there. She takes on not one or two but three men—and deals them one blow after another. Maybe that’s the message of the ad, delivered with precision; the right product in your veins can help you do the unthinkable.  We later see that the action sequence is, in fact, Bilgic doing what she does best; shooting for an action film. 

In another scene, the Turkish actress can be seen riding a heavy bike to a nearby Cola Next stall. She takes off her helmet, giving the viewer a good look at her dazzling beauty and proceeds to take a swig from the Cola Next bottle before saying the punchline at the end: Level Barha, Next Pe Aa.”

The most inspiring aspect of the ad, for me, was its theme and the choice of the brand ambassador to convey a message. The main message throughout the ad seems to be that the right product—Cola Next in this particular case—can instill confidence in you to go to the next level and achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

Simply put, the TVC is a mix of many ingredients that have all been cobbled together to make one fine product in the end. Fans of the Turkish actress, especially those residing in this part of the world and who have seen her as a shy, less talkative and conservative Halime Sultan in Ertugrul will be pleasantly surprised to see her in her Cola Next avatar.

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