Moushe: The Playful Jewellery You’ve Always Wanted

Moushe: The Playful Jewellery You’ve Always Wanted

Jewels are a dazzling spectacle of creation. So many cultures have their own versions of various types of jewellery and each piece has a significant meaning. Jewellery has been a reliable friend when one wants to turn their look up a couple of notches. However, when we’re looking for the right kind of pieces to match our ensembles it becomes difficult to choose.

Have you ever been in the middle of getting ready for an event but just needed the right kind of jewellery to make your look complete? The perfect types of pieces can really make an entire look come alive especially if you want to make a good impression. That’s why, a jewellery brand from the United Kingdom, Moushe has touched down in Pakistan for the very first time. Now, all your accessory needs can be fulfilled with one brand alone!


Moushe caters to a wide array of women who can choose between wanting to stand out in a crowd or just feel their best wearing classic subtle pieces. The credibility of Moushe's work has been acclaimed across the globe as they have been featured in a plethora of fashion magazines including Vogue Arabia, The Glossary Magazine, and Tatler Magazine, amongst several other notable publications around the world.

The jewellers function on five pillars. Starting with Individuality, to celebrate the individual with all their quirks the eccentric you are the more suited you are to the Moushe silhouette. The brand believes in the power of Playfulness where arranging, rearranging, mixing it up, and stacking along your favorite pieces becomes easy. Moushe is a sandbox of style and accessorizing, encouraging creativity and personalization. Thirdly, Femininity is one of the key markers of the brand as all the pieces rely on the embodiment of the modern woman. Moushe celebrates women, stands for equality, and embraces diversity. Since Luxury is the marker for refined jewels, Moushe designs pieces that are tasteful and elegant in every way. The brand presents itself as immaculate but not unreachable. Harmony and acceptance are at the heart of Moushe hence, giving an approachable path into luxury. And finally, Mindfulness is the motto Moushe lives by. Moushe exists in an atmosphere of ‘wokeness’. The planet, conservation, humanitarian, topics, and empowerment are boundaries within which the brand flourishes.


Moushe’s current jewellery lines include Wheel of Fortune, Bee My Honey, Sserpentine, Celestial Dreams, and Moushe Love. Each is designed keeping the individual's needs in mind. Whether you want to turn your ring into a pendant or your bracelet charm into an earring, Moushe is both functional and fashionable in a way that all your accessory needs are met. The brand has finally launched in Pakistan and we just can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Moushe! 

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