We got a chance to catch up with the beautiful and uber talented Saba Qamar. We played a quick round of rapid fire and here’s what we found about her!

Three Pakistani films you love? 

Pinky Memsaab, Aina, Chooriyan 

Favourite travel destination? 


Most recent on-set blunder?

Recently on the outdoor shoot of my film 'Ghabrana Nahi Hai' two guys showed up and told my Assistant Director that they wanted to meet me and inquired about the shoot details. To this, the Assistant Director replied,  'We are shooting Mere Pass Tum Ho'! In response they used some choice words and said, 'We know it's finished already!'  at which point everyone who was on the set burst out laughing as hard as they could! 

Your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is to see people acting fake and pretending. 

What’s the most enjoyable activity you do when are home?

I like to re arrange my things and decorate my space, sometimes I enjoy gardening too. 

 One thing you would change about Pakistan? 

I wish I could tell people not to throw trash on the roads, or public places, this is something I really want to change about Pakistan. 

 Are you a morning or night person?

Morning person, for sure! 

What is something you wish, you could be good at?

I wish I could be good at pretending/ sometimes I feel I'm too honest and I am just who I am. 

Three important makeup products? 

Mascara, lip balm, sun block 


Netflix show you have binged on recently?

Queen of The South  

How do you manage stress? 

I listen to good music, good music is a therapy for me. 

One fashion trend you don’t understand?

The net shirts in fashion trend is something I don't understand maybe because I don't like net.