5 Easy Steps To Cover Up Dark Circles Flawlessly

5 Easy Steps To Cover Up Dark Circles Flawlessly

Far worse than missing a morning bus or spilling tea all over your brand new kurta is looking straight up in the mirror and seeing dark circles taking over your face. To ensure that you don't resemble a zombie, we have rounded up five quick and easy concealing formulas that can banish your dark circles once and for all!

Step 1:
Orange/Peach concealer: After applying primer apply an orange concealer to cover up your dark circles with a mini concealer brush. Blend it out perfectly.

1Step 2:
Concealer: Apply a concealer with a new concealer brush on top of the orange concealer. Apply 2 drops of oil on the beauty blender and blend the concealer with the blender.


Step 3:
Foundation: Apply foundation after covering dark circles with a foundation brush.

Step 4:
Setting powder: Take a setting powder and slightly dust it under eyes. Let the powder stay for about two minutes and softly brush it off with a powder brush.

Step 5:
Fixing spray: Take a matte setting spray and keep it 15 inches away from your face and spray away!


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