Sabeen Jehanzeb, the solution to all your interior problems 

Sabeen Jehanzeb, the solution to all your interior problems 

From where do you find inspiration?

Most beautiful design thinking is found in nature. One sees the perfect combination of form and function in all of God’s creations. I am inspired by all that I see around me, from clouds to trees, from mountains to deserts. There is beauty and great designs all around us. The perfect colour combinations in flowers, birds, and pebbles etc keep me awe-struck and inspired.

What is your favourite space/room to decorate in a house?

Every space in the house has its purpose. It needs to fulfil its design needs and provide its users ease of use and mind. I love creating little nooks and corners outdoors to sit and relax in nature. Bringing a wow smile to the people who experience any space excites me.

Tell us about your design company.

Our company reflects our values of good intention, hard work and honesty. We are a full-time team of designers, architects, engineers, and technicians. The professional and disciplined approach I learned at Nanyang School of Fine Arts, Singapore and, in the earlier part of my education, at Paris I have tried to reflect in my practice. We provide comprehensive and complete interior design services to our clients for any size of the project. We follow international best practices and have a streamlined process for all our clients. Our studio even caters to the client's sense of touch. By providing sample boards with finishes and materials for better insight and feel. We offer a curated selection of furniture and décor, be it a handpicked art piece or a customized accessory. With Sabeen Jehanzeb there are no compromises on achieving your idea of a perfect home or workplace.

What is the advice you'd give to someone who's about to begin renovating their home?

My number one advice to all our customers is to define their purpose. Why they want to renovate and what they want out of it. Budget yourself and then let the design team do their work. How you spend matters many times much more than how much you spend.

What are your primary considerations when designing a space?

My approach when designing a place is always client-centric. The primary consideration starting from the designing stage till the execution is prioritizing the client’s vision. I pay keen attention to the needs, likes, dislikes and lifestyles of the clients. Present them with various options through mood boards that they might like and work with them to achieve their design goals.

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