The summers have finally arrived and it's officially vacation time in Pakistan; if you don't feel like breaking the bank for your trips here are 6 perfect summer vacation spots in Pakistan: scenic, adventurous and a must-have experience.


Jheel Saif-Ul-Mulook is located at the northern end of the Kagan Valley in the Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At an elevation of 3,224 meters above sea level, this lake is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. It has a long tale of myths and fairy tales surrounding it due to its beauty. The best time to access the lake is in summer, and you can access it by a bumpy jeep ride or a 30-minute hike from Naran valley.

Jheel Saif-Ul-Mulook is a place full of beauty and rich history — From mythical stories to a beautiful landscape, this place is a must-go for anyone. Aside from its scenic beauty, there are many activities there as well. Firstly, travellers can enjoy a nice boating trip along the lake, walk or even get a horse ride around the lake. All of these adventures are accompanied by an unforgettable scenic view. One can also enjoy looking around and sightseeing all the caves and adjoining areas, as well as try different kinds of foods there to taste your travels.

For the more adventurous soul if you go at the right time you can also do glacier sliding as well as hiking from Jheel Saif-ul-Mulook to the sky touching Ansoo Lake to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trek is tough, but the ending view is worth it. If you don't have the stamina, don’t worry, you can still get a magical view at Jheel Saif-Ul-Mulook. If you camp at the bank of Jheel Saif-Ul-Mulook, you can view the beautiful lake, the sunset, and the magnificent Milky Way at night all with the Malika Parbat as the background.

This lake with its many activities and views is heaven for artists, writers, photographers and your family. 


The Kalash valley is known for two things; its beautiful landscape, and its rich culture. The valley of Kalash is situated in the district of Chitral. The Kalash valley is surrounded by the Hindu Kush range stretching from Northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. The valley of Kalash (meaning “black”) gets its name from the colorful black garments worn by its women. The valley of Kalasha is separated into different valleys that stretch to the Nuristan province of Afghanistan. It is left into three valleys of Bumburet, Rumbur, and Birir with a total estimated population of less than 5,000 Kalashas living to this day.

The people of Kalash only add to the views because their distinct clothing and housing are different from what we usually see in other places around Pakistan. The rich culture of the Kalashas is what makes this place famous and an essential on every travel bucket list.

The Kalasha people wear traditional embroidered black clothing, signifying their culture. The rich culture of this area ranges from its many summer festivals to handicrafts and traditional jewelry. Since tourism in these areas has been on a high recently; the people there have made use of this and have started to turn their houses into guest houses as a way of inviting travellers and also becoming their tour and culture guides for this beautiful place. Summers are a perfect time to visit this place as this is when many of their beautiful and colorful festivals happen and the pleasant weather only adds to the scenic beauty.


If you are a fan of sports and scenic views, the Shandur top is perfect for you. The Shandur festival is host to the most beautiful and highest polo festival in the world. The Shandur top is often called the roof of the world because of its height and flat plain. They also invite visitors to watch polo matches between the teams of Chitral and Ghizer during the second week of July.

These Polo matches are fun to watch because unless you are a polo fan, watching a Polo match live is a once in a lifetime experience. Aside from the Polo matches, Shandur top also has many other activities — dancing and musical performances by the different cultural groups and some of the more usual activities like hiking, horseback riding, and trout fishing. All of these activities are bound to appeal to you and can make for a unique travel experience.


Ranikot Fort is one of the more underrated locations in Pakistan, but as one of the most historical and the largest fort in the world - it  definitely deserves praise. Ranikot Fort is a historical Talpur Fort near Sann, Jamshoro District. It is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts, and it is right there in Sindh for all the people who live in Karachi and adjoining areas.

Even though the journey to the Fort is not as well-developed, the end destination is worth it. The Fort itself has a lot of historical value, but the adjoining mountains and lakes are also just as beautiful and almost unexpected in Sindh.

This Fort with its beautiful view is associated with the Great Wall of China. Many locals have urged the government to develop the areas and streets around the fort to attract tourists as well as make people aware of its rich history and cultural relevance. For all people living in Sindh, this place is perfect for a small vacation or even just a weekend getaway.


Bahawalpur is also one of the more underrated cities in Pakistan. The place is riddled with historical gems. The first of those gems is the Noor Mahal,  out of the four magnificent ones that stand in this area is an architectural masterpiece and the light show at night only adds to the scenic beauty. Noor Mahal is amongst the four beautiful Mahals there. 

Gulzar Mahal, Darbar Mahal, and Sadiq Garh Mahal are amongst the four historical and architectural masterpieces. These palaces are open to the public and can be fun to explore. Not to mention, the lush gardens around these estates only add to the scenic beauty.

If that wasn't enough, Bahawalpur has a lot more to offer than just this. Firstly, we have the Bahawalpur Museum which is filled with beautiful trinkets from history. Another historic site in Bahawalpur is the Derawar Fort; this is one of the oldest historic sites as it was established in the 9th century. This site, like many of the others, is a glorious view. Furthermore, the Central library in Bahawalpur is the second-largest library in Punjab but is a truly breathtaking sight and is filled with rare manuscripts and more.

Bahawalpur is full of historical places and scenic locations, such as national parks and zoos. If you are a person who is fond of art, nature, and history, Bahawalpur is a perfect tourist site for you.


Attabad lake has become a fan favourite for all tourists and travelers alike. The lake is located in Gilgit Baltistan and is loved because of its teal clear water and dramatic mountain backdrop. The lake freezes over in winter, hence the best time to visit the lake is in the summers.

The lake is perfect for many recreational activities such as boating, jet skiing as well as fishing. These activities are fun and adventurous for anybody who is looking for a fun vacation experience. Furthermore, if you stay in the resort near the lake you can see the most beautiful views from the sunsets to the starry skies over the clear water of the lake. All of these elements make the attached lake perfect for an adventure-filled vacation.

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