Work from home or work 24/7? When we say we have a remote job, are we actually working during office hours, or do we start working the moment we wake up and keep on working till we go to bed?

Working remotely has many benefits as you’re working from the comfort of your home, at your own schedule and easiness, but is it worth it? In my opinion, it is not. Same environment every day, no one to interact to or spend some time when you want some break from the boring workload.
Apart from all that, when you’re working remotely, you’re working 24/7, and when you’re in Pakistan, the unprofessionalism of your colleagues and them messaging you after work hours and even late night, it makes it harder to manage when you don’t have a separate work phone which you can turn off post work hours.

You can’t separate professional and personal life as your phone is always buzzing up every minute and you can’t ignore that. Even when you try to not respond to them, you somehow end up replying unintentionally.
Working remotely, you could be residing anywhere in the world, and you have to follow the time schedule of the country at which the organisation is based and sometimes there is more than 12 hours time difference.

Keep in mind, if you’re residing in Pakistan and working with some organisation in USA or Canada, you’re earning in dollars, saving the cost of fuel and the cost of living in the expensive country. But at what cost? The cost is your personal life with friends and family. No social life as you’re working at the time everyone is chilling and you’re home, trying to meet your deadlines.

So, what do you think, is remote work worth it? Or you’re doing pretty good and don’t face all these challenges? Let us know in the comments.