RedBull Doodle Art Competition- RedBull's Commitment to Empowering Pakistani Artists

RedBull Doodle Art Competition- RedBull's Commitment to Empowering Pakistani Artists

Red Bull isn't just a drink, it's a lifestyle. With its signature blue and silver can, Red Bull has become a symbol of energy, excitement, and adventure. Whether pushing your limits on the ski slopes, powering through a late-night study session, or doodling your way to Amsterdam; Red Bull gives you the wings you need to soar. And it's not just about the energy boost– Red Bull is a brand that embodies a spirit of innovation and passion, supporting athletes, artists, and creatives around the world.

Pakistan boasts a rich cultural heritage, and there is a wealth of artistic talent waiting to be discovered. On the other hand, doodle art is taking the world by storm, and Pakistan is no exception. While the global art scene is thriving thanks to digital art and NFTs, Pakistan is yet to catch up. But worry no more, Red Bull came to the rescue with the super exciting Doodle Art Competition that not only sent waves of excitement across the country but also got some creative juices flowing. 


The Red Bull Doodle Art Competition in Pakistan was a fierce battle of talent, where over 3000 young artists from across the country came together to showcase their skills but only 19 finalists & 20 entries made it to the national final in Islamabad which took place on 12th March 2023 at the Islamabad Arts Gallery in F-9 park.

The finalists, hailing from diverse age groups and backgrounds, showcased their individual doodling styles that were shaped by their distinct life experiences, cultures, and sources of inspiration. The competition was tough, but one artist's creativity and improvisation skills won the hearts of the judges and secured the victory.


Drumroll, please! The national winner is Umer Nadeem, whose amazingly unique doodle art blew the judges away. Iqra Qureshi and Mominah Arif are the 1st & 2nd runners up respectively, who might we add, gave a very tough competition to Umer.


Umer will now be representing Pakistan at the international finale of the competition in Amsterdam in May, showing the world what Pakistan’s emerging artists are capable of. With the national winners of over 60 countries competing at the international final, it is going to be an exciting competition, and we cannot wait!


Red Bull is known for its commitment to promoting talent on a global scale, and the Doodle Art Competition is just one example of the brand's efforts to empower young artists in Pakistan. With their dedication to nurturing talent and making a positive impact on the local art scene, the future looks bright for Pakistan's emerging artists.


So, let's raise a can of Red Bull to celebrate the creativity and spontaneity of doodle art and the incredible talent that Pakistan has to offer. Who knows, maybe the next big thing in the art world will come from Pakistan! fingers crossed.

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