Nowadays freelancing has become a trend, since the pandemic we realised how much we can avail from working from home. Freelancing by definition is used as a term to refer to self-employed people. Platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork are used by people of all skill sets to display their talents and furthermore, earn money. 

Skills like video editing, copywriting and digital marketing are amongst some of the most common and sought-after skills. There are truly hundreds of opportunities on these platforms and hundreds of skills that can be learned. 

Recently, copywriting has become famous. It is one of the best freelancing skills, but in reality, copywriting is not as easy as it seems. Quality is very important and that is not always achievable because like most other skills it requires a learning period and dedication to be able to earn a lot of money.

In reality, freelancing is a more flexible way of working; a person can work in their time frames and from everywhere. It isn't as easy as people think. Freelancing means that all power is in your hands, hence, all the work also has to be done by you, making it work heavy and even overbearing sometimes. Furthermore, online work means that there is always a risk of scams and hacking when you put yourself out there on the internet.

Conclusively, freelancing is a great way of earning income, but just because it is work from home and self-employment doesn't mean that it does not work. Freelancing of any type is a lot of work, risk, and long hours — only then will you be able to earn a living and become a known seller in the market.

Being your brand isn't easy, but it isn't impossible.

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