6 Ways to Keep Cool and Hydrated this Summer

6 Ways to Keep Cool and Hydrated this Summer
The scorching heat can be really intense this time of the year, so it’s extremely important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Say goodbye to headaches and chapped lips with these easy rules!

1. We all know the drill with the first one. Drink lots of water! This doesn’t just mean constant trips to the water cooler, you should carry a small bottle of water with you all the time. Whether you go out for work, a light jog or even a shopping trip keep the bottle with you and keep sipping it frequently.

2. We could just keep drinking water but where is the flair in that? Switch it up by having fresh juice, lemonade and milkshakes whenever you get the time. The flavour combinations to choose from are endless. A soothing and refreshing mint milkshake is my favourite for the season.

3. Yoghurt and fruit isn’t just a lip-smacking combination for the taste buds, it regulates water too. According to Women’s Health Magazine, yoghurt has 85% water content and topping it with fruit adds to the water content. It is also a great source of calcium.

4. Stock up on lots of watermelon and cucumber as both of these fruits are made up of more than 90% water. Shape suggests that these can be more effective than water. Kick things up a notch by blending watermelon with some lemon juice and sugar for the ultimate cool drink.

5. Eating plays a large part in consuming water. Doesn’t make sense? Water makes up a big part of your meal to give it moisture. Make sure you eat a balanced diet with a good portion of protein and lots of fresh vegetables. Carbohydrates like potatoes are good too.

6. Keeping the body hydrated enables the skin to become clear and makes it glow, but hydrating it from the outside is equally important. Applying rose water on the face and arms with a soft cloth before you sleep is a great bonus in the summer.


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