Watch out: spoilers ahead

Authored by Shanzeh Jalali 

All good things must come to an end and so has La Casa De Papel or internationally known as Money Heist.

 Money Heist has been a critically acclaimed show that has gained millions of viewers worldwide. With its intense scheme planning, unorthodox code names, breathtaking story, a very catchy theme song, and cutting edge cinematic the viewers found it hard to not be invested in what the professor's new move will be and if the team can pull off the greatest heist to ever exist.

The show came to an end after 5 seasons of making its viewers ask the infamous question ‘can they do it?’

Season 5 has mixed reviews, some people believing that the ending was overly non-fictional. The start of the season was pretty ecstatic, with the professor in a position to be helpful to Sierra (the sadistic police officer who looks a lot like Cruella D’vel) giving birth to her child and making sure she is comfortable altogether, it seemed like they were finally getting along forgetting the fact that Sierra cares about no one but herself. We are also shown flashbacks of Berlin and his son; their relationship, love for the adrenaline rush they get talking about heists, and taste in women. Furthermore, it’s quiet hard to tell if the plan is going accordingly because inside the bank, everything is a mess.

The army does everything in its power to make sure they don’t steal the gold and give up; we know that they might have been barking up the wrong tree because that is something the Professor won’t ever agree to. Oh, we also see a lot of Arturo and it makes us want to smash the screen in the wall, we think it would be an underestimation if we call him the most hated character to ever exist.

Coming to the part where nobody could stop their eyes from bawling out; Tokyo, our beloved, sacrifices herself to save her friends. We actually did cry when this happened as it was really unexpected and everybody would wholeheartedly agree she deserved better, just like Nairobi. A friendly advice, DO NOT get too attached to any of the characters on La Casa de Papel. Tokyo’s death throws everyone off their game and while the grieving is in progress, Sierra takes the opportunity to backstab the Professor once again and run off. Flashbacks of Berlin, his son, and the Professor, the army getting ready to attack the bank, it’s almost as if the team is fighting a lost game. Alas, the gold bars are stolen from the bank but are AGAIN stolen from the Professor by none other than, Berlin’s son. Did we mention that he started to date his dad’s girlfriend? Well, yeah.

At the end the Professor throws the towel and walks in the lion’s den. He meets everybody and an angry Tamayo. While Sierra (she is one of the members at this point after realizing she won’t get her reputation or respect back) gets the gold back from Berlin’s son, on the other hand, we are led to believe Tamayo has killed all of the heist members. We were wrong.

The ending scene is everyone getting a new id, looking very happy, thinking about their loved ones and looking forward to the lives they have ahead.

How did you like the ending of Money Heist? Was it worth it?