FoodAg 2023: Pakistan's 1st International Food and Agriculture Exhibition makes way for Global Collaborations

FoodAg 2023: Pakistan's 1st International Food and Agriculture Exhibition makes way for Global Collaborations

Karachi, on August 10, was abuzz with excitement as the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) unveiled the much-anticipated FoodAg 2023 – a groundbreaking event aimed at propelling Pakistan's food and agriculture sector onto the global stage. With the primary goal of promoting cultivation, expanding business horizons, and attracting foreign investment, the three-day exhibition held at the Expo Centre Karachi showcased Pakistan's immense potential in the realm of agriculture.

In a country where 70% of livelihoods are intertwined with the food and agriculture sector, FoodAg 2023 served as a pivotal moment to strengthen the industry's global footprint. The event commenced on Friday, ushering in over 600 delegates from around the world. The venue is full of stalls covered with aesthetic branding and cultural decoration to attract international buyers. 

The inauguration ceremony began in the presence of dignitaries, including Mr. Kamran Tessori, the Governor of Sindh, who graced the event as the Chief Guest. A sense of anticipation filled the air as the ceremony unfolded, marked by a digital button pressed by Mr. Tessori to officially open the exhibition. The stage was further enriched by thought-provoking speeches delivered by influential figures such as CE TDAP Zubair Motiwala, Secretary Commerce Muhammad Sualeh Ahmad Farooqui, and Major General Shahid Nazir from the Special Investment Facilitation Council.

1.Bridging Borders Through Business Conversations
The exhibition halls were full of energy as local company representatives engaged in fruitful conversations with international buyers. Whether it was commodities like sugar, wheat, rice, or the assortment of delectable confectionery and beverages, each stall was a nexus of exchange. TDAP's platform empowered local enterprises to showcase their offerings on an international platform, fostering new trade possibilities and envisioning a prosperous future for Pakistan's economy.

2. Pioneering MoU Signings
FoodAg 2023 witnessed the signing of several significant Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). These agreements highlighted the event's impact in fostering collaborations and forging international partnerships. From TDAP and UNITC's collaboration opening doors to new trade avenues, to Guard Rice and Leaton China's partnership ensuring quality grain supply, and Altec Pakistan joining forces with Leaton China for innovative agricultural solutions, these agreements underscored the event's tangible outcomes.

3. Charting the Future with B2B Dialogues
Beyond the exhibition floor, CE TDAP and Secretary Commerce engaged in B2B meetings with international delegations. These discussions focused on amplifying Pakistan's status as one of the world's top ten agricultural producers. Conversations delved into potential collaborations, sustainable practices, and ethical farming methods. Moreover, their discussions also covered livestock treatment and the export of related products, marking a comprehensive approach to Pakistan's agricultural sector growth.

4. Unveiling Investment Prospects
The Agri Investment Conference held on the first day provided a platform for heads of Provincial Boards of Investment to share insights into Pakistan's lucrative agricultural investment opportunities. The event shed light on the facilitation, protection, and retention efforts by the Government of Pakistan for international investors. Keynote speaker CE TDAP Zubair Motiwala emphasised the need for smart farming solutions, highlighting concepts like seed banks, tissue culture, and corporate farming.

5. Culinary Fusion and Cultural Celebration
The Global Cuisine Show proved to be a vibrant fusion of international flavours and culinary prowess. International Culinary star Sylvia Kusumalie and Pakistani star Faizan Haqqee hosted renowned chefs from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Poland, and Pakistan to showcase their skills through live cooking shows, captivating the audience with the art of sandwiches, croissants, desserts and more. All dishes were made using Pakistani ingredients and we couldn’t be prouder of how satisfied everyone was with the taste.. The event celebrated not only culinary excellence but also cultural diversity, with music, dances, and a vibrant photo booth adding to the festivities.

As the curtain fell on FoodAg 2023, the resounding success of the event echoed Pakistan's determination to make its mark in the global agricultural arena. TDAP's visionary efforts brought Pakistan's rich agricultural potential to the forefront, setting the stage for greater international collaborations and a promising future for the nation's economy.