‘Almirah aur Tum’ - An Impactful Campaign with a Groundbreaking Message

‘Almirah aur Tum’ - An Impactful Campaign with a Groundbreaking Message

A woman is one of the most selfless creation of God. From giving birth to another human to raising him/her and sacrificing all her life for her family, a woman is nothing less than a miracle. In a life of a woman she goes through so many ups and downs but never fails to be a strong pillar of strength for her loved ones. While doing so much for the people around her, many a times she ignores herself and her happiness.

Almirah’s latest innovative campaign highlights how a woman forgets to cherish herself. The campaign, ‘Almirah aur Tum,’ promotes women’s sense of worth, their ability to determine their own choices and the influence they can have to bring a change in the society for themselves and for others. Almirah finally spoke about the things a woman does not even consider in her daily routine.

Almirah launched a DVC showing how a woman of every field work day and night for others and how she manages to keep everything together, whether at home or at work.

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The campaign included some very interesting slogans which popular visual artist Areeba Siddique, who goes by the Instagram handle ‘Oh Areeba,’ designed and made it more impactful with her artwork.

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She also posted this on her social media account and questioned all the women if they are as kind and considerate to themselves as they are to others.

Almirah also launched an Instagram filter for this campaign which got very popular among influencers and Instagram users.

Naiha Eiman aka Rebellious Brownie, who is well-known for her unconventional blogging, posted her picture using the filter by ‘Almirah aur TUM’ campaign which was loved by many.


Khadeja Anjum of ‘ItsKhadeja’ posted a beautiful picture using the filter of ‘Almirah aur TUM’ and encouraged all her followers to use it too.


Nyla Rajah also shared a selfie using the filter by Almirah campaign and asked everyone to get a ‘magical selfie’ using this filter. She also posted how this DVC inspired her by sharing a post on her blog.

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She posted that the following words from the DVC hit the mark for her and inspired her immensely. She added that women should put themselves first because they matter.

‘Tum vo ho jo kisi hero se kam nahi,

sach poocho tou tum jitna tou kisi mein dam nahi’

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Humna Raza posted a very thought-provoking video on her social media related to the ‘Almirah aur Tum’ campaign. She posted that after watching the DVC by Almirah, she realized that if we step out of our comfort zone, it can make us reach new heights. She gave an example from her life and how making a difficult decision for herself changed her life for good. Her favourite words from the DVC are as follows:

‘Jesay shauq se chunti ho kapray,

Har khushi vesay hi chuna karo na’


Here’s another beautiful creation of ‘Oh Areeba’ and Almirah, it states ‘Tum wo ho jo kisi hero se kam nahi, such pocho tu tum jesa tu kisi maid um nahi’. This slogan is profound and thought-provoking, no doubt a woman is nothing less than a hero. She’s the one who manages everything for everyone. A woman is a binding element in her family. She puts her whole heart in every relationship and work she does. She is indeed a hero.

Almirah’s campaign touched million hearts and people couldn’t stop raving about it. Not just influencers, but everyone shared the DVC and discussed how it touched their hearts and forced them to stop for a second to re-evaluate their priorities. The campaign encourages women to be themselves and not to lose the real ‘TUM’ while fulfilling their duties because:

‘Jab tak tum mai tum ho na

Tab tak sub kuch theek hai’

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