The FZM Girls Reveal their Fitness Secrets

The FZM Girls Reveal their Fitness Secrets
FZM Boutique Fitness is the no-nonsense force behind the physical transformations of prominent celebrities and socialites. The celebrity trainers now reveal their personal fitness regimes and the nutrition secrets they live by!

CEO and Head Trainer Fatima Zara Mallick

  1. I follow an intermittent fasting protocol because it works best with my routine. The theory that you have to eat every three hours is obsolete in elite nutrition circles. I’m naturally energetic in the morning so I skip breakfast and eat my first meal around 2 pm. However, please remember that intermittent fasting is not for everyone: it’s a pattern of eating, not a diet. It simply suits my lifestyle and body type.
  2. I drink around 10 to 11 litres f water a day! That might be excessive for some people but it keeps me energized and fresh!
  3. I eat Cheetos everyday! There is no point in depriving oneself. I follow an 80/20 protocol. 80% of my daily food consumption is healthy and 20% is any junk I crave! But, I only eat when hungry. One cookie a day or a handful of crisps won’t do any harm!
  4. Weighing myself or counting calories are things I never do! I trust the fit of my clothes and the way my body feels as a measure of fitness and health. Scales are inaccurate and deceptive. Weigh yourself once a month if you must!
  5. I workout four to five times a week. There was a time I was working out for two hours, six days a week and seeing no improvements in strength or stamina. Over-training does more harm than good. I now train less often but follow a highly scientific strength and conditioning plan. As a trainer, there are goals I would like to achieve that go far beyond aesthetics. I have no interest in being skinny. I train for strength.

Senior Trainer Komal Malik

  1. At work, they call me a bad influence because I’m constantly ordering food for everyone! I live to eat. That being said, I never abuse my body. I’m attuned to its needs. If I’m full, I won’t take a second bite. I will feed it to Suhera instead!
  2. Strength training is my preference. I hate cardio! Lifting heavy weights is my drug of choice. Since I’m training for strength and bulk (muscles are beautiful), I do Olympic weightlifting 3 to 4 times a week. And I always workout with a friend for extra motivation and a push!
  3. Since joining Fatima, I lost 18Kg. Yes, I was quite big. Before Fatima, I was working out but after meeting her I learnt exactly what works! It is not about how often you exercise, it is about HOW you exercise. Due to consistent exercise over the past two years, my body structure has transformed and my metabolism has become ridiculously fast. Fitness changes everything but it won’t happen overnight. There are still days when I would rather stay in bed and eat fries all day…but I go to work and force myself to do push-ups instead! Trainers are human too.
  4. Finally, I make sure I sleep early. My body needs 8 to 9 hours of quality sleep. Besides, skipping sleep is a leading cause of anxiety, weight gain and mood swings. Given my line of work, I can’t afford any of those.

Junior Trainer Suhera Hussein

  1. Stay hydrated for glowing skin and boundless energy! I drink water like a tanker. If there's one thing that I can never deprive my body of, it is water.
  2. Since joining FZM, I lost 12 kg, gained lean muscle and went from a sedentary to an active lifestyle. I stay on my feet all day and that has fired up my metabolism and made me even more productive. I like to think of my body as a machine that has to be kept up and running to stay well.
  3. I keep myself happy. Physical wellbeing goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing. I never deprive myself of my favourite treats. I don’t diet. If I feel like eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, I will enjoy every bite and work it off in the gym. That way there's no room for excuses.
  4. I enjoy working hard and would never cheat myself. Whenever I perform, I make sure I give my 100% That includes working out! I push myself to the point that I'm struggling with even basic moves. That’s exactly why I feel shocked when clients skip reps or work out half- heartedly. Fitness is personal. Why would you want to sabotage your own efforts?
  5. Finally, I go for a 5k run 5 times a week. It’s my therapy!


Photography: Ayaz Anis Khan

Clothes: Peach Wear

Concept and Styling: Fatima Zara Mallick

Makeup and Hair: Pareesa Khekar

Jewellery: Sherezad


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