Pakistani Celebrities leading the way in mental health awareness

Pakistani Celebrities leading the way in mental health awareness

Kubra Khan: Kubra Khan has not only shared her personal mental health challenges but also taken a firm stand against online trolls. She brought to light the damaging impact of cyberbullying on mental health and boldly stated, "It is absolutely not okay to attack my integrity or character in any way." Kubra has become a vocal advocate for the need to respect celebrities' integrity and character. Her decision to file a defamation suit against a YouTuber for baseless remarks underlines her commitment to the cause. Her action came after a severe panic attack that led to a hospital visit, prompting her to take legal measures to address cyberbullying.

Nouman Javaid: Nouman Javaid's battle with depression was so severe that he resorted to a suicide attempt. While his initial suicide was termed an accident, Nouman later chose to open up about the difficulties he had been facing for an extended period. In an interview, he expressed, "I was in depression for quite some time before finally attempting suicide. I was facing issues in life, but I wish to make it clear that Fariha was not the only reason behind my depression; there were a number of other things involved." Nouman's experience serves as a stark reminder that depression can be multifaceted and complex. He emphasized the role of faith and work in his journey of recovery.

Mahira Khan: Mahira Khan, a superstar in her own right, has been an active advocate for mental health awareness. Her role as an ambassador for the British and Asian Trust has allowed her to emphasize the importance of addressing mental health issues. When a fan on Twitter asked her about a cure for depression, Mahira responded with compassion and wisdom: "Don’t be afraid of getting help. Talk about it. Ask questions. Read. Reach out to people. There is no shame in reaching out for help. Sometimes talking therapy helps. Other times meds do. But it’s important to go to the right people who can guide you through it." Her words underscore the significance of seeking support and guidance in the face of mental health challenges.

Saba Qamar: The accomplished actress, Saba Qamar, not only addressed her personal mental health journey but also shared a heartwarming incident that touched her deeply during a shoot. She responded to a fan's question on Twitter about what deeply affected her, saying, "Yes, I did one project near the Lahore area where we shot the whole day, and there was a beautiful lady in a room made of mud with no fan and electricity." Her realization of the blessings in her life served as a touching reminder for all. Saba also candidly discussed her own mental health struggles, sharing her mantra: "I have actually been through a lot, and all I learned in my life is to let go off things that make you feel bad, accept your imperfections to keep going. Learn to talk your heart out, don’t take things too seriously, just stay true to yourself because #Itsokaynotbeokay."

Hina Altaf: Hina Altaf emerged as one of the first celebrities to discuss her battle with depression in detail. She shared not just her diagnosis, but also the symptoms she endured and the path to her recovery. What set Hina apart was her honesty in discussing how her home environment influenced her mental health. She credited her therapist for turning her life around and resolved to discuss her depression openly in talk shows, in line with her therapist's recommendation. Hina's interviews not only helped demystify depression but also garnered significant attention, becoming viral in the process.

Momina Mustehsan: In 2018, following the tragic suicide of model Anam Tanoli, Momina Mustehsan chose to be candid about her own experience with depression. She posted a touching message on Instagram alongside a photo of herself during a chaotic period, stating, "This is a picture of me from when I was going through chaos not very long ago. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we all hit points in our lives sometimes when all seems to be falling out of our control." Her vulnerability extended beyond a single post as she created videos that delved deep into her struggles, even addressing the trolls who questioned her journey. In doing so, she revealed that celebrities, too, grapple with the pressures of their work and the constant scrutiny that can wear away their mental well-being.

Juggan Kazim: juggan kazim frequently addresses the topic of mental health, drawing from her own challenging experiences during an abusive marriage. She openly shares how this period led to deep depression and a significant blow to her self-esteem. In her own words, she emphasizes the significance of therapy and seeking assistance during such trying circumstances. she stresses the importance of therapy and the value of reaching out for support in such situations, saying, "Therapy was a lifeline for me during that dark phase, and I can't stress enough how vital it is to seek help when you're going through tough times."

Urwa Hocane and Mawra Hocane: Mawra Hocane embarked on a journey to address depression and anxiety with grace and courage. She and her sister Urwa initially discussed these topics on Nida Yasir's morning show, but their comments about the relationship between food and depression garnered criticism and ridicule. In response, the sisters decided to share their own battles with these mental health issues. In a heartfelt Instagram reply, Mawra revealed her ongoing struggle with anxiety, extending her support to those facing similar challenges.
In Mawra's own words: "I've faced anxiety, and I wanted to let others know that I, too, have explored this emotional terrain. It's crucial to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and foster open discussions."

Hira Mani: Hira Mani's interview with Samina Peerzada became unforgettable for a multitude of reasons. Her unfiltered honesty about her life journey, along with her battle against depression, deeply resonated with her viewers. She revealed that her entry into showbiz led her down a path of materialism and intense competition, ultimately triggering her depression. However, a moment of self-realization marked a turning point in her life. Hira shared a deep insight, stating, "The reason for my depression was that I was trying to find happiness where there was none." Her emotional honesty not only connected with her audience but also carried an important message for all.

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