While some people are out there celebrating Mother's day with their mums in the safety of their homes, there are a few people out there wishing things were different for them! Here is a short note from us to you this Mother's Day to let you know that you are not alone, we hear you, we see you and we wish nothing, but happiness for you. 

To the ones grieving the loss of their mothers: We understand that it can be extremely exhausting and heart-rending to not have your loved one with you anymore. It is also completely understandable to not want to do anything about it. Losing a Mother is like losing a major part of one's existence, every day can feel like a task, to say the least, when the one person who loved you selflessly and immensely is not around anymore. It's heartbreaking. But, the pieces scattered all around the floor, need to be picked. Not instantly, no! but, one step at a time, baby steps. Remember that the one whos passing away you are grieving is watching you all the way from up there and would never want you to not live life happily. We understand how tiresome it can be, but this is where all the love that you had received from your mother, needs to come in handy. She might not be around anymore to bestow it all on you but we are sure she showered enough love upon you to last a lifetime, you need to take all of that love to heal yourself. Yes, you may not be able to match your mothers compassion, but, remember, you are a reflection of your mother, so, fight with yourself for yourself! It won't be easy at all, and some days could feel like absolute hell and unfair, especially days like today, but remember, she is always up there, protecting you. You are not alone. We pray, with all of our hearts for God to heal you and bless you with immense happiness. 

To the women hoping to become mothers one day: The mercy of God is bigger than all of your fears. You may not be blessed with a child today, but that is only your current reality, life has beautiful ways of surprising us with desires and wishes we have in our hearts. Don't lose hope, He, The One up there, know what is in your heart and will surely bless you with it, if it is right for you. More often than not, we tend to forget that sometimes even wishes we think of as harmless and trivial may not be good for us, He may be saving you from something you have no idea about. So, put your chin up, queen! You are still killing it at life, even if people around may at times make you feel like something is missing, ignore them! You are doing so good! You are complete. 

To the mothers who are not appreciated enough: We see your efforts. We know that you always put everyone's needs before yours. We salute you! For always being so strong, selfless and showering everyone around you with nothing but love. We aspire to be like you. It takes an insane amount of courage to be play so many roles at once, mother, friend, teacher, homemaker, confidante - we can only wish to achieve so much. We are in awe of you. For every single time you break down, get exhausted, are on the brink of giving up, but, you pick yourself right back up for others!!! We just need you to know that one day all of this hard work will pay off, all the love that you give away so effortlessly will find its way back to you. You're doing an incredible job and we are so blessed to have Mothers like you in our lives! 

This mothers day, if your friend/family member/colleague is grieving the loss of their mothers, please take a step forward to try and make them feel better. They may not always say it, but, they need you more than they would like to admit. If you have a friend who is struggling to become a mom, reassure her that she's still doing amazingly well at life and marriage, even if she can't be a mom right now. And to those who see their mothers not being appreciated the way deserve to be, or don't appreciate their mothers enough, she won't be around forever, so love and appreciate her while you can! You are nothing without your mother 

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