I Am a Woman, I Am Satrangi

I Am a Woman, I Am Satrangi
We always seek someone who helps us boost our self-confidence by giving us the assurance that we are following the right path; that we are perfect just the way we are; that we don’t need to change ourselves so society sees us differently—this is womanhood. Bonanza Satrangi’s moving campaign, #IamSatrangi, for 2020 Women’s Day is all about women empowerment and has picked five ladies who definitely do justice to their campaign by proudly achieving their passion while balancing their everyday life.

A woman works endlessly and tirelessly, day and night. Either they are a stay-at-home mom, a working lady or even both. No one can be strong, hardworking and successful than a lady who can maintain a balanced life while juggling the hardships they face on a day-to-day basis. #IamSatrangi celebrates these powerful women. 

We salute the women who have succeeded in their professional and personal lives. Bonanza Satrangi picked five amazing women- Areeba Siddique, Zenith Irfan, Eman Khan, Zarnak Sidwa and Maliha Rehman- who have done so exceptionally well in their field of work and defines the brands hashtag #IamSatrangi. It has always been a big deal for women to have a professional career here in Pakistan, yet these ladies and many more take a stand for the women in the country. 

Areeba Siddique is a young artist and student whose bold and eye-catching artwork has a message to give; Zenith Irfan has been smashing female stereotypes. She is the first Pakistani female motorcyclist to ride across Pakistan and a huge inspiration to the younger generations who want to achieve similar goals; Culinary chef, Zarnak Sidhwa doesn’t fail to leave her followers drooling over her delicious food. She turned her hobby into her passion and successfully runs her own cooking business; Insta-famous fashion journalist Maliha Rehman’s top-notch blogging skills cover every detail one needs knowledge about in the fast-moving fashion world to seen frow-ing at fashion weeks; lastly, even girls belong in the gym and kickboxer Eman Khan isn’t stopping anytime soon. Her Instagram shows how she is living the best of both worlds—professionally in her fitness field and travelling the world for some downtime. They are true Bonanza Satrangi women.

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