Whenever we press the ‘on’ button of a TV remote, what do we see? Rape victims! When we open Instagram, our feed is full of stories of women getting raped. We come across hundreds of rape stories every day but the most we can do is to share them on our stories or post about them to create awareness.

There’s nothing much we can do to save ourselves from the sexually deprived men of our society. No one is coming to save us from those predators, even our laws. No one is safe in this country, a new-born baby girl, an old woman, and not even a pregnant girl.

Send a bag full of money and you’re a free man after ruining the life of some innocent woman. So, ladies, we are on our own, we must take steps to save ourselves from sexual assault and here we are, giving you a few tips that might help you and your loved ones.

Pepper Spray or a Pocket Knife: Always carry a pepper spray or a pocketknife in your bag. You never know when it comes in handy.

Change Locks Before Moving into a New Place: Before you move into a new apartment, make sure to change all the locks and have the keys to only yourself.

Open Door for No One: You’re alone in the house, some stranger comes and says, ‘your parents sent me to repair something, let me in.’ Never open the door before confirming with your parents first.  

Avoid Unsafe Situations and Strangers: If you are being followed while walking, go to the nearest police station or any place where there are enough people to scare the rapist away.

Don’t Walk Alone at Night: As a lady, don’t walk alone at night if possible. Walk with someone or walk in areas where there are other people. Try to stay away from alleys, bushes, and entryways. Avoid shortcuts through parks, vacant lots, and other deserted places.

Accepting Rides from Strangers is a Big NO: Don’t accept rides from strangers. If a driver stops and asks for directions from you, avoid getting near the car. And if the occupants of a car start harassing you, simply run in the opposite direction. The driver will have to turn around to follow you.

Never Drive a Car in Bad Condition: If you have a car, always ensure it is in good condition. Also, make sure you have enough fuel in your car just in case you have to run for your life.

Take a Self-Defence Course: Taking a self-defence course like karate is a great way to keep yourself safe. You may never have to use these moves, but you’ll have the confidence of knowing how to protect yourself.

Share Your Live Location with a Trusted Person: Don’t leave your house without telling at least one person where you’re going and who you’re going to meet. This may seem you’re your freedom is being affected, but remind yourself that you aren’t asking permission, you are only keeping yourself safe.

Imagine Yourself in Dangerous Situations: Girls should imagine being in a dangerous situation, so they’ll know how to tackle when they actually face a rapist and avoid going numb.

Share this article with as many people as you can to save you and them from being a victim as we are on our own.

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