Lighting Up Lives, One Pepsi Bottle At A Time

Lighting Up Lives, One Pepsi Bottle At A Time
While most of our Ramadan is consumed with obsessing over what to eat for sehri and iftar, this heartwarming campaign by Pepsi serves as a timely reminder of what the holy month is really about. Pepsi's #PepsiLiterOfLight campaign uses a distinct approach by employing celebrities and influentials' alike to come together to support Pepsi's annual initiative to help provide electricity to the underdeveloped areas of Pakistan; a touching campaign to portray forms of worship other than praying and fasting. 

Pepsi is back with it’s campaign to help those less fortunate, specifically those still living somewhat in the dark ages. Electricity is a privilege, a privilege that not everyone has - therefore, this initiative to help bring light to as many areas in Pakistan as possible is brilliant. With every picture uploaded with the hashtag #EyesClosedForLight Pepsi will light up one life.

This Ramadan, some of Pakistan’s most sought after celebrities have teamed up with Pepsi for this life changing journey. From Fawad Khan to Wasim Akram, they all have been determined to make this campaign succeed. Sajal Aly and Mehreen Syed, two of Pakistan’s favourite IT girls were also seen supporting #PepsiLiterofLight wholeheartedly. This campaign brings hope in a world where terror seems to be overpowering, and more importantly it can help the lives of 30 million Pakistani lives being effected by not having electricity. All you have to do to help with this remarkable campaign is to upload a picture of yourself with your eyes closed and hashtag #EyesClosedForLight.


Sajal Aly has her #EyesClosedForLight Be a part of #PepsiLiterOfLife by @pepsipakistan and light up lives.

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