The Setnas: Men Who Inspire

The Setnas: Men Who Inspire

Hello! meets the leading gynaecologist, Dr Faridoon Setna, his son Dr Zaryab Setna and grandson Izdeyar Setna. Though each one expresses to be happy with their current professions, they aspire to be bigger and hope for better. What is more inspirational than seeing such successful men work harder and aim higher? Their ambition truly leaves the rest to shame.


When asked Dr Faridoon Setna what his alternate career would be he surprisingly confesses his love for making creative jewellery;

‘I have a fascination for gems and objects of beauty. If I had the opportunity to do something else, it would have been making creative jewellery’

It seems in his case creativity and skill go hand in hand.

Although he doesn't regret the profession he pursued, he is happy to share the highs and lows of his career when asked:

"Returning to Pakistan in 1966; I had to survive on a salary of Rs. 600 per month for six years. It was unacceptable as a young male gynaecologist. The high point of my career was the late former Prime Minister, Benazir Butto’s choosing me as her Obstetrics /Gynaecologist."

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Having had a rough few early years, it is impressive to see his son and grandson living up to his renowned reputation. Dr Zaryab follows the footsteps of his father despite witnessing the tedious hours and stress associated with the profession. He expresses his love for what he does and is only aiming to do more. When asked his future goals he confidently says,

‘My ultimate aim is to make the Lady Dufferin hospital a self-sustaining state-of- the-art obstetric and gynaecological centre of excellence, where we can treat many more patients than we currently do’

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On the other hand, Izdeyar inherits his father's creative genes and his love for beauty. Izdeyar is one of the few photographers from Karachi to win numerous international accolades for this brilliant work. He too when inquired about his future goals, only aims to get better and more recognised at what he does.

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