It's Teacher’s Day, and we have a bit of a decision to make. They teach you; they prepare you for your future and they are helpful, but oh boy you are late by five minutes ‘absent’. Isn't it ironic how we often don't like our teachers but by the end of the term they become your favourite?

If you are a student in any university or recently graduated from one, you will understand what these words mean.

There are those who come and go like the wind on Everest, "hello class, how are you? We will do this assignment today; I have to go now." We mean who comes to university for 30 minutes class instead of three hours class? And there are those who are like the never-ending saga of make-up classes. But we also have, ‘Beta submit your assignment I will give you an extra day’, but if you are a minute over the normal deadline ‘sorry beta I cannot accept this, late work’.

You open your phone to check if your crush has texted back, ‘Oye hoye why are you smiling like that? hame bhi to baatoo kon hai’. One of our all-time favourite, ‘You may ask the same question 1000 time. I shall explain 1001 time.’

*Asks the same question 2 times, ‘why weren't you paying attention the first time?’ and much more.

But at the end of the day, they are just as humane as us and need their breaks and make errors too, we as students often look at the negative or what's bad for us rather than what is discipline and what they want us to learn.

Every occupation has its own Blacksheep, but you cannot judge a whole pond by a single fish in it. Sometimes your best mentor is that one teacher you opened up to or that one teacher who saw your potential and didn't let you waste it. It's alright to also appreciate their hard work.

Ohhh, a question to ponder on is why are generally teachers with numeric and supply/demand topics better than teachers who just read a book? And the teachers with clear market understanding in Business Studies are often a rare gem not all get.