In Conversation With Celebrity Stylist Aneela Murtaza

In Conversation With Celebrity Stylist Aneela Murtaza

Celebrity stylist Aneela Murtaza talks to HELLO! about her journey as a stylist in the Pakistani fashion industry, everyones must-have wardrobe staples and more.


1.     Tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a celebrity stylist.

 I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve been fascinated with color and how things come together, which I suppose is why styling comes naturally to me. My journey started when I began working for the director Saqib Malik at his production house and the rest is history!


2. How did you enter into this field?  

It all happened when I joined Saqib Malik’s production house. He had seen that I was good at putting together a look under extreme circumstances, and so he put me as the official stylist for a good number of commercials that came his way. Over the years, my potential grew and was recognised on various occasions. It was then that Saqib Malik gave me the idea and encouragement to become a celebrity stylist. My very first client was Ayeza Khan, and time ushered in many more people brimming with talent. It’s been a wonderful journey.


3. You’ve worked with many known celebrities. How do you network to get into the industry?

The friends I have had in my life for countless years. In fact, we started our careers together and in turn found ourselves in various groups of people. There isn’t an exact art or science of networking within the industry. In my opinion, it’s just about keeping a cool and professional head and exchanging a few laughs with everyone!


4. How do you choose what looks work for each client?

Each client of mine is different in their own way. I piece together looks that fit their image as well as their style. I discuss the colour palettes as well as how traditional or how contemporary we want the look to get. There’s complete transparency, because I want my client to feel like their own style is attached to any look we create, which adds a level of comfort and trust.


5. A fashion trend you wish would never come back?

I wouldn’t want 90’s fashion to make a comeback!


 6. Three must-have wardrobe staples?

A classic white shalwar kameez. A comfortable t-shirt that goes with a pair of jeans. A signature pair of sunglasses because that always enriches a look.


7. Your most memorable work by far?

There isn’t just one project. Each and every single one is memorable. It’s impossible for me to just pick one!


8. What has been the most important lesson you’ve learned while being a stylist?

 I’ve learned to keep a cool head in a frustrating situation. I’ve learned to curtail my restlessness because that gets no work done. It’s not an easy lesson to learn but it’s a necessary one.

9. Who would your dream styling client be and why?

Internationally I would love to style Amy Adams. I recently watched her movie called Big Eyes and I have to say I’m a fan and would love to work with her.


10. What advice do you have for upcoming stylists that are looking to break into the fashion industry?

Don’t compromise on your original vision. The doctor never takes advice from the patient, so don’t let anyone tell you that you’re doing something wrong. Believe in your vision because someone will see how great it is. Keep going!

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