Urwa Hocane Replaces Sana Javed in Rangreza

Urwa Hocane Replaces Sana Javed in Rangreza
With the recent, unfortunate news of actress Sana Javed opting out of her debut film  Rangreza at such a crucial time due to a family emergency, we were not so sure about what to expect and could only hope for the best. However, this tragedy sure has a happy ending if not a twist as Urwa Hocane comes to the rescue!

Urwa known for her brilliant performance and excellent acting in TV drama serial Udaari has won the hearts of children and women alike. Taking up a film project on such short notice, speaks highly of her talent and hard work.

Setting even higher expectations the producer reveals,

"We didn't think twice before casting Urwa, we brought her on board just a couple of hours before rolling the camera. She's just like a blessing for our film."

Furthermore, Urwa also gives us confirmation and authority as she has signed on the film and says,

"I've started shooting for the film already."

While she doesn't reveal much about the film, she shares that her character named Reshmi is "a kind-hearted, soulful, beautiful girl. Her purity makes her rare. She is as reshmi as her name."

Urwa or Sana Javed - who were you hoping to see on screen?