Nadia & Rajeeb Samdani: The Creatives Behind Dhaka Art Summit

Nadia & Rajeeb Samdani: The Creatives Behind Dhaka Art Summit

Hello! enjoyed a day well spent with the creatives behind Dhaka Art Summit - Nadia and Rajeeb Samdani. Nadia expresses her love for art as genuine and can be traced back to her earlier years as she has been collecting and acquiring artworks for almost about 12 years now. Her love for art is in its purest form and not for any monetary purposes. The major and first acquisition that she holds dear to date is the work by the Bangladeshi modernist S M Sultan, the 22.

Call the love for art being inherited or just habitual out of mere surroundings, it is something that comes to her naturally. She reminisces over the fond memories she has made over the years and is quick to share one of her favourites with us.

"I guess one special and dear memory would be Dhaka Art Summit – the non-commercial public event which my Foundation organises every two years. Each edition is a fond memory and especially the third, which took place last month and was visited by over 1,38,000 visitors in 4 days. It was an amazing experience to have so many art lovers come and visit. Another favourite memory would be of the time when Polish artist Pawel Althamer did a portrait of my youngest daughter, Maya (2 years 4 months old) for my husband Rajeeb’s birthday and then of my three daughters, including Maya, along with Pawel painted the work and was gifted to Rajeeb."


She collects different forms of art - either sculpture, painting or even a video or a sound piece or any other mediums - name it and she has it beautifully decorated around her house. She changes and updates her art collection every 18 months.


Moreover, her love for art isn't just limited to home, she has a constant need of being surrounded by places that showcase art. Her travel stays are influenced by the hotels that offer a great collection to their guests. Art according to her is a big part of her life, a wonderful journey of thinking, learning and appreciating. Art has no barriers, boundaries or limitations. It is a universal language.


To sum up her love for art in a single sentence,

"I cannot even think about living in a place without art."


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