Bisma Akbar: A New Face for Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Bisma Akbar: A New Face for Youth Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

The talent and industriousness of the Pakistani youth have long been acknowledged but it has rarely been given the opportunity to flourish. That may be changing with the newest generation of entrepreneurs. At just 22, Bisma Akbar has launched two companies that are taking the luxury fashion space in Pakistan by storm. The CEO of Bisma by Master, Bisma Akbar began her career with the Master Group as a Director of Master Sanitary before launching her own company in 2019.

'We want to re-imagine what luxury clothing can be in Pakistan and what it can mean,' said Bisma about her company.

'There is too much imitation and a lack of creativity in the market at the moment. It is a one-fad-followed-by all kind of scenario which we are aiming to offer a rich alternative to.'

Shortly after launching Bisma Akbar by Master, Bisma launched Bisma Akbar Denim Mills in 2020, tapping into the burgeoning market of local denim manufacturing. Producing denim in Pakistan is a major project, opening up major export opportunities as well as the prospect of enhancing employment and the self-sufficiency of the Pakistani clothing market.

'Our goal is to be the premium denim manufacturer in the country. We are already working with some of the largest and well-known brands in the world and will soon hit out target of a 100,000 meter oper month production target.'

At only 19, Bisma Akbar was appointed the Director Marketing for Master Sanitary. The daughter of Sheikh Muhammad Akbar, CEO of the Master Group, Bisma Akbar knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur well before she began her BBA from Regent’s University. Upon graduation, she returned to Pakistan and launched Bisma Akbar by Master, a luxury clothing brand aiming to disrupt traditional standards and precedents.

“Many clothing brands are disengaged from consumers, offering a one-fad-fits-all consumer experience. In launching Bisma Akbar by Master it was very important for me to be involved from every step of the way, from the conceptualization of the piece to its display and delivery” Bisma said about her brand.

'I was born May 13, 1999 in Oxford and spent quite a bit of time appreciating the care and attention with which clothing brands operate in the UK. That early experience informed my values as entrepreneur as did observing my father help grow Master into the household name it is today.'

After the successful launch and expansion go her clothing brand, Bisma Akbar has also launched Bisma Akbar Denim Mills, further marking her impact on the textile industry and providing the opportunity for effective backward integration with her existing brands in the business.

“Local denim production is an exciting new venture just beginning to gather steam in Pakistan and I wanted to get involved in it. Insourcing production and empowering a Pakistani workforce is crucial for me”.
At 22, Bisma demonstrates that industriousness and tenacity can shatter barriers of age and gender, and set a precedent for the young people of this country.

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