Pakistan Global Bazaar — The Shopping Extravaganza You Cannot Miss

Pakistan Global Bazaar — The Shopping Extravaganza You Cannot Miss
What’s the one thing that can instantly make you forget all your worries, lift up your mood and is extremely fun? It’s obviously shopping! They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. If you’re anything like us then you probably wait all year around for your favourite shopping festivals that take place around the world. But let’s be honest, ordering your desired stuff from various countries can be exhausting, as well as a pretty heavy on your pocket.

As we gear up to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan, our quest for the perfect shopping spots also begins. But this time around, you will not have to roam around the city, exploring each and every mall, as well as bazaars in order to get your hands on all the necessary items. Thanks to DK events for introducing a one-stop solution for all your shopping needs in the form of 'Pakistan Global Bazaar'. Imagine being able to purchase your groceries along with clothes, cosmetics and electrical appliances all from the same place. Sounds exciting right? Trust us, we are not kidding at all!

With Pakistan Global Bazaar, Karachi is all set to experience the biggest shopping festival to ever take place in the history of the country. The organisers, Mr Danish Khan of DK events, Mr Saleem Bhatti and Mr Imran Qadri believe that this event will change the scene of shopping in Pakistan. The Pakistan Global Bazaar is not going to be just another shopping fest. Its unique concept of bringing back the shopping heaven — Sunday Bazaar — and giving it a new touch by merging with the high-end brands of the country is what sets it apart from other festivals. From authentic and imported goods to the affordable local stuff and from luxurious designer wear to world famous beauty and skincare products — you can get it all under the same roof!

Pakistan Global Bazaar is going be a full-on shopping extravaganza with over 700 brands becoming a part of it. Since shopping and eating go hand in hand, how can we miss out on delicious food? To take care of your hunger, more than 70 food stalls will be present there. The favourite of kids and adults alike, McDonald's along with a host of local restaurants such as Del Frio, Pizza Max and Paramount will make sure you fend off your craving with mouth-watering meals and snacks.

The country’s most popular clothing brands and bigwigs of fashion fraternity, HSY and Deepak Perwani’s gorgeous collections will also be available at the bazaar for the public to get their hands on. Not only this, but it will also provide a great platform to budding brands to showcase their products. Pakistan Navy Women Association (PNWA), will be displaying outstanding handicraft by female crafters working across Pakistan.

Starting on the 10th of Ramadan and going on till chaand raat, Pakistan Global Bazaar will be a 20-day long shopping festival.

What more could one ask for in such a wholesome bazaar full of vibrant shopping options and food stalls? Let us tell you that the Pakistan Global Bazaar has the most amazing sufi performance lined-up for its attendees. A magical sufi night of our very own qawwali maestro Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will leave everyone mesmerised and spiritually moved. One just cannot wait for that moment to take place.

Shopping during Ramadan can get slightly inconvenient for families, following the prayer timings and other holy practices. But when heading to this event you need not worry about this. According to the bazaar’s organisers, this aspect was taken in consideration while planning this grand event. To make sure that nobody misses their spiritual connection during Ramadan, a special area will be designated for people to perform namaz. Along with this, a separate space will also be designated as the play area for kids to have fun.

The timings of the festivals have also been carefully planned according to Ramadan. As some prefer daytime shopping while others can only manage to go out at night, which is why the Pakistan Global Bazaar will go on till midnight, allowing everyone to shop at their preferred times.

A wide-range of activities will also take place to keep the attendees entertained throughout. Those who think they can cook well will get a chance to participate in a cooking competition and get their cooking skills tested by one of the country’s biggest cooking expert, Chef Gulzar. This is certainly a once-in-lifetime opportunity for all those who take pride in being cooking experts at home.

The organisers of the Pakistan Global Bazaar have paid special attention to security measures of the venue. The traffic situation has also been taken care of with a dedicated parking area for attendees to shop carefree without worrying about the safety of their vehicles. Following their innate instinct to detail, the organisers have also kept security and protection of the attendees as their priority for the shopping gala. So Karachi’ites shouldn’t worry about anything and flock to Global Marquees with families, friends and loved ones to have the time of their lives at this most-awaited shopping scene of the year!

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