As summer 2022 has arrived in all its sunny glory here are some of our favourite hair accessories for all your hair needs whether it be for nights out or for days on the run. Here are some accessories from headbands to barrettes that will fulfill all your hair needs in style.


This year Bobby pins are not just simple, black, and unnoticeable. This time around, bobby pins are here to stand out in all colours, with glitters and gems galore. Instead of using bobby pins to pin back flyways or just get that stray hair tamed, bobby pins are now being stacked and shown off. Bobby pins, when matched with your outfit, are a small accent, but they can make a big difference in your overall look. Aside from just colorful ones bobby pins with shapes and especially wordings are in major trend right now.


From pearl barrettes to pearl headbands, pearls are a big trend this season. They can easily elevate a casual look but also look pretty and elegant for all those big events. Pearl headbands look beautiful with dresses and even with a simple t-shirt and jeans. If you are not the biggest fan of headbands, pearl barrettes are your savior you can use them just to add to your look, but they are also just as functional for getting your hair out of your face. Pearl claw clips are also an option that will elevate your usual bun. A perfect combination of style and function.


Headbands are back people, and they had a summer glow-up since our childhood days. From braided headbands to pearl to bows. Headbands are a perfect way to embellish your flowing locks while keeping your hair out of your face. Headbands come in all colours and can be paired with your casual looks to elevate them, but they can also be paired with more formal looks to make a statement.


Scrunchies are an iconic hair accessory that should always be on your wrist or in your purse at all times because in this hot weather we all need to pull up our hair sometimes and instead of using just normal boring hair ties we can use scrunchies which come in many colors, patterns and sizes to match your style. From oversized ones to printed ones to ones with bows or ties. Scrunchies are a versatile accessory perfect for everyday use and to elevate your outfits.


If you are a girl or guy who likes to keep their long locks out of your face then claw clips are the perfect solution for you. They come in all types of patterns colors and styles to match your look. This accessory is perfect to keep in your purse or just throw up your hair whenever you are in a hurry. Claw clips are a perfect easy breezy summer solution that can be basic or really stylish depending on your preference. Simple or not they can add a lot of dimension to your look.

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