Homemade Fertilizers For Your Garden - Straight From Your Kitchen Waste

Homemade Fertilizers For Your Garden - Straight From Your Kitchen Waste
Organic gardening has received a sudden boom during the quarantine period, with plant-lovers looking for more organic, all-natural fertilizers over packaged retail ones containing chemicals. Now this is the organic revolution we need. Step up your gardening game by making use of your kitchen waste to feed your plants.

Don’t Throw Away Those Eggshells, Yet!

Seen your gardener ever use lime around the ground? Well it does a great job in reducing the acidity of your soil for plants that don’t thrive in acid. It also proves to be a great source of calcium for them. You can substantially cut through the costs of acquiring lime-based fertilizers by making your own acidity-reducing one, through eggshells! Wash the shells and crush them to use. Eggshells are 93% rich in calcium carbonate, precisely a scientific name for your everyday lime.


Banana Peels for Your Rose Plants

Bananas are rich in potassium and as it turns out, roses love potassium too. Take a few banana peels and bury them next to your rose bush and it will compost naturally. To encourage the growth of your rose plants, bury the peels in the top-most layer of the soil.


Some Coffee For The Garden?

Many garden plants like blueberries, roses and tomatoes need an acidic soil to grow best. Take some used coffee grounds and sprinkle them over the surface of the soil or pour some ‘garden coffee’ as an extra treat for these plants too. To make the garden coffee, soak a few cups of used coffee grounds for a week in a jar. Pour it over the soils of acid-loving plants.


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