In ancient Greek mythology and many lores of the sea, sirens have been seen as beautiful and powerful creatures. Sirens are usually nymphs that live in the sea and have the face of beautiful women, but in reality they are manipulative and bloodthirsty creatures. While sirens have been part of storytelling since the last hundred years, in the past 30 years we turned the term “siren” into something else.

In the media since the 90s, the word siren is used to describe a beautiful and strong woman. Think Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’ or Zoë Kravitz in the latest ‘Batman’ movie. These women are beautiful and charming, but also headstrong and smart. So simply put the reason why this makeup trend has been coined the term Siren eyes, is because it elongates and puts emphasis on your eyes adding to a persons' beauty.

It is also a look which is guaranteed to increase your confidence level by at least 75%. This look can be seen a lot on the red carpet and on models such as Bella Hadid, but unlike many other trendy looks, this one is the most wearable. Siren eyes don't require a lot of material nor does it require a lot of skill, yet they give you a very on trend and sultry look.

So now comes the question of how we achieve the look, well it's quite simple, actually.

You will need:

  • Black eyeliner (Preferably one that is smudge-proof and easy to work with).
  • Black eye shadow (to add depth).
  • Highlighter or glitter eye shadow.


STEP 1: Start by creating a simple black winged liner like usual.

STEP 2: Using your liner, draw two lines in the inner corner to outline it and then connect it to your liner halfway through your lid.

STEP 3: Use the darker shadow to smoke out your wing for a softer look.

STEP 4: Apply a highlighter or a glitter eye shadow in the middle of the lid to add depth and highlight your eye.

Viola! You are done.

This look is perfect to add an edge to your everyday look and really tap into your dark femininity. So what are you waiting for? Tap into your inner diva and try it out!

Try this out and tell us about your experience in the comments below!!

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