This Is How Zara Noor And Ahmed Ali Kept Us Entertained This Weekend

This Is How Zara Noor And Ahmed Ali Kept Us Entertained This Weekend
It’s been a slow few months in the entertainment industry, but Friday saw some excitement injected into what would otherwise have been a slow day when a video of actress Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar started doing the rounds on social media. The video was shared by Shammal Qureshi and appears to show Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar in a make-up room of sorts, all dressed up to either go on set or on stage. Zara then shows Ahmed a few dance moves and the duo seem to practice a few steps and clown around before Zara notices someone with a camera filming them, massively panics and rushes towards the camera trying to have it shut down!

Soon the ‘leaked’ video had gone viral and was trending across social media platforms!

Everyone was intrigued by the video and was wondering what was going on! Were Zara and Ahmed starring in a film or drama serial together? What also got us really excited was the song playing in that video! What was that song? It’s so catchy we can’t get it out of our heads!

Later over the course of the weekend a couple more trailers also started making the rounds with Zara and Ahmed in ‘em but these seem to be part of some kind of project that the two are working on, not the candid behind the scenes video that was initially leaked!


We’ve been unable to contain our excitement or temper our curiosity though and are dying to learn some more details about this project? Is it a film? A drama? A web series? We’re keeping our eyes peeled and can’t wait to see this #MoreSeZyadaEntertainment

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