Get To Know Adeel Yaqoob, The Pro-Drifter Who Is Making Waves In Motorsports

Get To Know Adeel Yaqoob, The Pro-Drifter Who Is Making Waves In Motorsports

There’s something particularly exciting about motorsports. The revved-up engines, the thrills, the adrenaline. Any automotive enthusiast will tell you; the excitement lies in the rush of the sport itself. From F1 to kart racing to drag racing, there are tonnes of mediums of motorsport and each one is more exciting than the next. However, the one that most caught our eye is Drifting. Drifting is a globally recognized motorsport discipline that involves the driver intentionally oversteering a car to break the traction of the rear tires around a corner. If you’re a fan of fast cars and thrills, you’ve likely heard of the sport. However, if you’re a Pakistani who loves drifting but haven’t heard of Adeel Yaqoob you’re surely missing out! Yaqoob is a professional drifter and automotive enthusiast from Multan whose interest in cars started at the age of 12. As a child, he helped his father repair and wash his car which ultimately lead to the manifestation of him being the pro-drifter that he is today. Not only does Adeel Yaqoob love to drift but he also develops his own drifting cars while creating videos every week for his YouTube Channel, Adeel R35. We got a chance to speak with the pro-drifter one-on-one to learn more about how he works his magic on the track: 

1. How did you first get into drifting? What was your inspiration? 
I first started drifting in 2019 and I went to pro drift academy UAE to learn the craft. My interest began when I visited the Phase 8 car meet and saw people doing donuts. 
2.How do you train for drifting as a motorsport?
Since we don’t have a proper drift track here in Karachi and there still is a lack of facilities, I practice at OMNI Karting Track and go to Vroom Racing Circuit in Lahore for some seat time.  
3.What was your family's first reaction when you started drifting? 
I’m very grateful that my family has been supportive of this sport, as it’s safer than most of the other sports involving vehicles. 
4.What are some of your most memorable experiences? 
My most memorable experience was winning Drift Day in Pakistan where I took the podium. 
5.What is your dream drift car? 
My dream drift car is a Silvia which is being built in Dubai at the moment. 
6. Who is your favourite drifter? 
There are quite a few drifters who inspire me, and I love their style, but Ahmad Daham is my all-time favourite.

7. Are you in to win it or do you do it just for fun? 
I am in this to win it! It’s my dream to wave the Pakistani flag on different platforms. 
8. Have you participated in any championships? If so, how many have you won? (Dates, locations etc.)
Yes, my first participation was in 2021 at Pakistan’s Drift Day held in SA gardens, Lahore. Which I won. Then I participated in Emirates Drift Championship in 2022 (Top 16), Redbull CPD DUBAI, Jordan Drift Championship 2022. 
9. Do you have a routine or ritual before you get on the track?
Well, we need good sleep and rest before we get on track since it requires focus and sharpness. Drifting also puts strain on your body. 
10. How does one get into drifting within Pakistan?
Pakistan doesn’t facilitate drifters so it’s a struggle to get into drifting within Pakistan. Recently Vroom Racing Circuit in Lahore has started facilitating but then again, it’s only one facility in this country.  
11. What is your process for building cars? Who else works with you on building them and how did it begin? 
We start by stripping the cars to reduce any extra weight, then from suspension upgrades to engine modification. It’s a lengthy process and I have my mechanic working with me at all times.

13. Many rally fans say that Drift isn’t the sport, it’s more a show. You don’t need to be very talented, but you must have very good skills. What would you tell people who think that Drift isn’t a sport?
Drifting is a multi-million-dollar sport worldwide. It requires skill and precision both. This sport also entertains the audience the most as well. But to say it isn’t a sport is completely wrong. It is an established sport worldwide. 
14. A lot of drivers have their own businesses and then invest in their hobby of motorsport. If we don’t talk about cars, is there something else that grabs your attention too?
Nothing except for cars grabs my attention. Drifting gives me the thrill no other motorsports can.
15. Do you have idols in your life?
Yes, my father is my idol, He is the reason I am where I am.

16. After failures many sportsmen go to psychologists, while others try to solve problems with the team. How about you? How do you recover after your failures?
I recover from my failures by carefully analysing where I went wrong as a sportsman, and I discuss with my seniors and team since they also observe how I perform. 
17. How do you make sure your car stays reliable when pushing the limits?
I use parts and components that are specifically designed for drift cars to ensure reliability and durability.  
18. What would your advice be to anyone wanting to become a professional drifter?
To get a rear-wheel drive chassis, preferably a BMW Chassis since it's cheap and has quite some potential for people starting off fresh. 

19. When did you start your YouTube channel?
In 2020, when I started building my 350Z in my garage.
20. Do you usually have a team working with you?
Yes, I have my own team consisting of a mechanic, cameraman, and my manager.
21. What kind of cars do you build?
I have built one of a kind 350Z for drifting in my own garage. Have started working on a BMW
coupe as well.
22. What do you think is an essential component of drifting?
There are many components that are essential. But a Rear-Wheel-Drive car is the most basic
characteristic required for drifting.

23. Please share your words of wisdom with anyone who wants to become a drifter.
A properly built car is essential for a drifter. You are as good as your car. So take your time in building your car and make sure it has all the essentials covered. I see a lot of people using sub-standard methods and components. Such an approach will hinder your learning curve. 
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