Shan Foods Collaborates with Foodpanda to Empower Home Chefs

Shan Foods Collaborates with Foodpanda to Empower Home Chefs
Standing tall and mighty with all its Shan, Shan Foods enjoys the honour of being present in the minds and hearts of consumers worldwide. Working its magic through kitchen cabinets, Shan offers premium quality, taste, and innovation, with an added sprinkle of happiness. Thriving since 1981, Shan is not only committed to providing home food solutions, but to also fulfil the highest level of corporate social responsibility. At the core of its vision, it is determined to play its part in eliminating hunger and ensuring food security for people, building an atmosphere of compassion & prosperity.

Celebrating this innovation and togetherness, Shan Foods launched Shan Kitchen last year, with the aim to provide a space for self-expression and highlight the artistic side of cooking – a combination often overlooked. The platform kicked off with a two-part ultimate shopping and cook-off series, featuring George Fulton and Shaniera Akram, who, with their wits and friendly competitiveness, had the viewers enthralled and asking for more. This was then followed by a series of cook-offs, showcasing cheeky rivalry between  celeb pairs, to the likes of  Sohai Ali Abro, Minal Khan, Saba Qamar, Danish Ali, and Ahmed Ali Butt. Gracing the Shan Kitchen with their mouth-watering desi cuisines, these individuals stunned the audiences with their never-seen-before sides, as cooks.

Furthering this idea for self-expression through cooking, Shan Kitchen then came up with the #RealTasteRealStories challenge, hosted by George Fulton, inviting people  from all of walks of life to participate with their real recipes and the inspirations behind them. Out of the thousands of entries received from all over Pakistan, six finalists made it to the Shan Kitchen for an exciting cook-off challenge, where they were given the opportunity to share their recipes with the world, while also putting their stories out in the open, bringing forth an element of individuality to the table.

While all the contestants truly wowed the judges with their scrumptious meals and touching stories, three winners came out victorious from the competition and landed the opportunity to get featured at Karachi Eat Festival 2020, the biggest food festival in the country that attracts thousands of foodies every year. The winners got the chance to set up their stalls at the festival and serve their innovative recipes to the attendees. This not only help the winners gain exposure and earn money for their three days of hard work, but also helped them gain hands-on experience in running their own stalls for such huge number of people, serving to instil entrepreneurial skills in them.

In light of the massive positive response this platform gained by providing people the means to follow their culinary dreams and kick-start their careers,Shan Foods has now collaborated with Foodpanda to give Shan certified home chefs an opportunity to set up their food business through the “Ghar Ka Khana” initiative. Out of a pool of over 300 potential candidates, a select few have been picked to participate in a competition and convince a highly-esteemed panel of judges, comprising of Saba Mohsin, Komal Rizvi, Ali Sheikh, Arslan Shahid, and Tauseef Butt, each of whom have proven their love for, and their expertise in the culinary arts. The winners will then be given a shot at being featured on the Foodpanda app to start up their business as “Shan-certified home chefs” by being registered as a vendor at “Ghar Ka Khana.” The idea behind this collaboration is to empower budding entrepreneurial home chefs and give them a platform to make a career out of their passion.

Shan Foods has always been an advocate of self-sufficiency and individual empowerment. This campaign of promoting home-chefs on an official platform and enabling them to begin their entrepreneurial journey, is a step in the right direction. This will not only help the brand in attaining its vision of helping the community, but will also help in delivering authentic flavours wrapped with the love and warmth of home, which is a trademark of Shan Foods, to customers’ tables across the country.

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