Summer Wedding Hair Trends

Summer Wedding Hair Trends
From detailed up-dos to chic down-dos we've assembled the perfect hairstyles for summery weddings all over the world.

Whether you're just a guest, the bridesmaid, or even the bride herself, these hairstyles will definitely come in use to create the perfect fairytale look for a wedding. Deciding upon a particular hairstyle for a summery wedding is quite a difficult task because you would want to go for something slightly more classic and elegant but also something intricately detailed enough for people to obsess over when looking back on the wedding pictures!

Graceful up-dos look perfect with smaller floral pins and accessories to make the whole look a lot more chic.

Braided hairstyles like a plaited bun look great especially with a simple ribbon or flowers. they can grab people's attention easily but don't dominate the whole look.

A simple side bun can become extremely elaborate once it is decorated with floral accessories and tousled waves. It also leaves you staying cool on a hot summer day.

A low pony is always a simple yet chic look to go for. With pretty, dangling earrings paired with wavy hair the look becomes neat and classy and adds to your whole statement.

Boho chic down-dos are also very popular; even during the summer.

The tousled waves give a slightly sun-kissed and beachy yet graceful look. Pair them with some dangling earrings and a classy flower crown for that extra flair.

A braided half pony with petite accessories also works for weddings, making you look radiant under the sun!

If a more regal look is what you're searching for, this sleek and beautiful look with straight hair will leave you looking like a princess and it'll also keep hair off your face on a hot day.

A great way of giving your wedding day style that extra wow factor is by adding in some fabulous hair pins or even a flower crown as extravagant hair accessories that add to your look.

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