DIY: Heatless Overnight Beach Waves

DIY: Heatless Overnight Beach Waves
Since we are in quarantine, no better time than now to look after your hair and skin. Overusing hot tools by curling, getting a blow dry or straightening your hair seems super satisfying but is actually very damaging. We have to admit, they do make us feel good, so we found an easy alternative - heatless beach waves.


Follow these steps to achieve easy, loose, curly waves that look effortlessly fresh. 


  • Dampen hair slightly

  • Split hair into two parts

  • Starting from the top, braid tightly on one side and braid until the end

  • Repeat on the other side

  • Sleep overnight

  • Open the braids the next day to get lovely waves. Run your fingers through your gently for more volume.


Note: A bit of coconut oil applied on damp hair will help achieve a more smoother, frizz-free look. 

 Style as you wish and there you go beautiful, breezy beach waves! 


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