Six Eid Traditions That You Can Continue In The Times Of #Coronavirus

Six Eid Traditions That You Can Continue In The Times Of #Coronavirus
While the formal #lockdown is ostensibly over, social distancing and following strict SoPs for hygiene is the modus operandi, as the global pandemic continues unabated. Health care professionals and government authorities advise people to stay home and stay safe.

This is not the Eid to visit relatives, have huge Eid lunches and dinners, or visit a variety of friends. Meet your immediate family only, stay home and try to revisit old traditions that can give you that warm fuzzy feeling of Eid and the conclusion of the beautiful month of Ramzan.

1) Make traditional sheer khurma

Why not cut the ‘badam-pista’ in advance and prep all your sheer khurma ingredients the night before, so that the first thing you do when you wake up on Eid day, is make the sheer khurma just like your mother! If you live with her, then what a treat that she doesn’t have to do the hard work this Eid; and if you are away from your parents, this will provide you all the nostalgia of home!


2) Set the trolley or the table with your best tea-set

You should make that effort to serve sheer khurma in the prettiest bowls; as well as comforting tea in a lovely tea set. Raid your mother’s stash, with her permission, of course, or your own collection, and lay it out nicely on the trolley or on the dining table. 


3) Eid decorations will make your Eid really charming

Add some pretty flowers to complete the set-up on your trolley or dining table. Homemade cut-outs, ribbons, old mehndi decorations lying around — you’ll definitely find lots of things to liven up one corner of your home to make Eid feel like a sweet celebration! 


4) Go through your stash of old bangles and make a set for Eid day

This lockdown we have realised the value for things we have at home! And every girl has that stash of glass bangles she has collected over the years. Go do some mix-and-match and prepare a colourful set to go with your Eid outfit this year! 


5) Love it, so wear it again

This Eid is all about loving those worn outfits that you have hanging in your cupboard. And there is no doubt that you will find something suitable to wear from your collection. Wear that gotay-wallah dupatta you’ve had in your cupboard for ages, with a crisp white chikan ka kurta; or take out that traditional kurta that you put away two years ago — long kurtas are back in fashion! 


6) Get ready to click for the gram

You must click photos for Instagram, #EidAtHome! Share the moment, share your smiles; pay tribute to life and pay your respects to those at the frontlines of Covid-19; Know that you stayed home to do your best to help those who work so hard to control the spread.


Eid Mubarak!


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