How To 'Look' Better For Life

How To 'Look' Better For Life
Hashmanis Hospital, as the name suggests has stood for excellence in eye care since 1981 and has recently ventured its way into the new, state-of-the-art facility. Their new place is home to one of the most advanced eye care hospitals ever constructed in Karachi. With over seven hospitals being managed across the country, the primary objective of the hospital is to put in their best efforts to make Pakistan a better place.

Throughout the years since its establishment, Hashmanis has been able to achieve one milestone after the other. It is one of the only few institutions in Pakistan which has been running nationwide campaigns to prevent blindness and has organised over 200 free eye camps in collaboration with the Muslim Association to provide the best eye care facilities to the people in remote areas.

Hashmani was the first one to introduce Topo Guided Contoura Vision Lasik in Pakistan, offering a way to improve the quality of vision so significantly that many patients now can see more clearly without corrective eye wear than they ever did with it. Pakistan in general is more technologically advanced than its neighbours and Hashmani adds to this by bringing in the latest technology that is applicable to thousands across the country.

With medical advancement and introduction of Lasik, the concept of lenses and glasses seems outdated - since we all know once with glasses, always with glasses for it is not that easy to reduce the lens number but fortunately such is not the case with Lasik. Their primary aim is to give people the opportunity to see clearly again without being restricted to glasses or lenses.

Topo-guided Lasik is safe and considered to be the most advanced refractive solution to date technology that no one else is offering in Pakistan and not even in our neighbouring countries. Amongst the numerous benefits that Topo-guided Lasik offers, some of them include, improvement in functional vision and quality of life, improvement at night time vision and improvement in reading. Clients are less susceptible to headaches and complaints of  starbursts, glares and haloes are also reported to be relatively lower as well. Other environmental restrictions and the recurring cost that comes with contact lenses is also no longer applicable.

The two most important things to consider before getting Lasik surgery are,

1) Which procedure you want to go with, Hashmani suggests Topo-guided Lasik since it is the most advanced and the latest option that there is out there.

2) All that matters is how experienced and qualified your doctor is and who can be more profound in terms of professional expertise than Dr Shareef himself?

Here is a quick and easy snapshot of everything you need to know about Lasik - we hope it helps!

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