All The Details From Shamaeel Ansari's Solo Show: The Symposium Of Queens

All The Details From Shamaeel Ansari's Solo Show: The Symposium Of Queens
Shamaeel Ansari had a successful  solo show: The Symposium of Queens at the iconic Savile Club in Mayfair, London earlier this month where she showcased three collections ranging from three eras-- The Tudors, The Ottomans & The Mughals.

Check out the stunning venue, an 18th century house with beautiful interiors. It is decorated in extravagant 1880s French style with a ballroom, stunning gilded walls, grand staircase, wooden panels, and chandeliers.

The inspiration comes from being different in craft, style and by women of courage. The collection's name comes after queens from three different empires. 

From the Tudor era, Queen Elizabeth the First, representing the awakening of renaissance in the dark ages and it’s transformation to the Golden Age. Inspired from the classic to the contemporary- how the past influences the present not only in life but, in experiences, in style and lifestyle.

Inspired by Noor Jehan, ‘Light of the World’, a fashion icon of her times. Who moved the textile narrative of the Mughals from Mongol and tribal to regality, her own sense of the nine jewels of court and feminism, beauty and drape influenced her sartorial depictions. She involved her daughter, Ladli begum, and together the mother and daughter curated collections for the women's darbar. This form of regality today is the mughals couture. The motifs were inspired by chaand baalis, pomegranate tree stems and flowers as layering of sartorial lifestyle, which speak of positivity, fertility and movement of generations.

Lastly the Ottoman Queens."My collection had to be a boho experimentation and a metamorphosis of different crafts and colours. Crossing time barriers I pay a sartorial homage to the sultanate of queens. The vibrant blues of the bosphorus expressed within the enigmatic iznik tiles of the ottomans harems makes one feel luxurious and enigmatic. The flash of pinks and reds signify playful, charming and romance-- the essence of queens. An interpretation of how the antique ottomans was a melting pot of forward movement and plethora of cultures."

Shamaeel's brand is not just showing outfits, It is about bringing in the element of individuality that the brand proclaims. Each piece is sartorial; has its own story, depths of layers not only in colors, silhouettes and craft but also a third dimensional depth. 


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