We Are Obsessed With Shamaeel Ansari's Turkey Obsession

We Are Obsessed With Shamaeel Ansari's Turkey Obsession

HELLO! explores why it is that Shamaeel Ansari and Turkey are a match made in heaven!

‘Turkey mania’ has hit Pakistan hard with the actors and actresses from the hit Turkish play ‘Ertugrul’ being the hottest commodities in our entertainment industry these days. But while Pakistani brands are lining up to sign up these Turkish superstars as brand ambassadors, one Pakistani designer is taking inspiration from Turkish culture and paying homage to this great nation in her own work and that is Shamaeel Ansari.

To be fair to Shamaeel, she was doing so long before all things Turkish became everyone’s latest obsession and has shot for a number of her collections in that beautiful country!

Shamaeel has a great personal interest in history in general and as a creative, she finds herself hugely inspired by the history and culture of Turkey and to this end she has done a great deal of research and study into what it is, that makes this great nation unique.  Turkey has not only a rich and opulent aesthetic as far as their architecture, textiles, fashion and ceramics are concerned but the country is also home to some of the most picturesque locations in the world and this provides inspiration for some of Shamaeel’s latest work.

Shamaeel takes inspiration from the people, the culture and the locations to weave a beautiful story of a country that is deeply rooted in its glorious past but also has one eye on the future. The lives of the people of this beautiful country straddles the past, present and future and it is this story that Shamaeel Ansari hopes to tell through her work.

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