Breaking New Ground: Pakistan Hasn't Seen A Drama Serial Like 'Begangi'

Breaking New Ground: Pakistan Hasn't Seen A Drama Serial Like 'Begangi'
Eminent Director Amin Iqbals epic fictional narrative; Begangi, sheds light on the challenging dynamics of blended families.

The first episode of the emotionally driven and soul stirring drama serial; Begangi, directed by the brilliant Amin Iqbal, was aired on the 1st of July 2017 and successfully managed to clinch a remarkable record with the rating charts on A plus Entertainment.

Begangi provides awareness concerning the issues that exist within blended families affecting the current social context, and the influence of inherited conventions concerning the fickle relationships in blended families with the members who are not essentially tied with blood, and are ostracised in the contemporary social and cultural environment. Begangi essentially teaches acceptance for diversity and family, says Amin Iqbal, the director; known for his unconventional direction style and knack for soulful orchestration of drama plays.

Even in today’s modern day and age, it appears that the exclusion of step family by general consent doesn’t seem to bother us much. We are inherently accustomed to ostracizing step family members and destined to believe that they are diabolical - persistently working against our interest, when in actuality, it may not be the case. We have been programmed to subscribe to certain ideologies owing to which we are rendered incapable of sustaining healthy relationships. Begangi is one of those rare plays that unapologetically attempts to highlight how fundamentally flawed these dynamics are and the irreparable damage they can instigate.

" Begangi will be one intense play. In fact, it's one of my serious roles and I really don't have a demeanor for seriousness so it has come across as a challenge. A drama focused on familial values and family myths,  Begangi will talk about how everything comes crashing down when there are certain revelations in a family," Shahroz Sabzwari; the protagonist explains in one of his interviews.

Here is what we managed to excavate - despite extensive exposure, we human beings have failed to evolve and continue to interpret situations as we are, as opposed to interpreting situations as they are in actuality. It appears, we intrinsically subscribe to the conventional practices that merit serious evaluation, leading the society into a quagmire of ignorance. Relationships with Step family members have mightily suffered at the hands of inherited societal notions and flawed perceptions deeply embedded in the realms of our society.

Amin Iqbal explains the psychological constituents of these pervasive issues whilst expressesing his personal inclination towards wanting to direct the poignant narrative. Begangi is aligned with his conviction of acceptance and love regardless of the status of a family member, Amin explains. Begangi boldly attempts to question the baseless skepticism existent within blended families. The powerful story-line artfully sheds light on a social issue pervasive in our society whilst maintaining commercial appeal, which explains the impressive response.

Amin explains how the contemporary step child, step sibling or step parent films and dramas don’t typically feature a positive image of the family relationships associated with that sort of dynamic. On the contrary, in most cases, the media has continually projected a certain image of the quintessential step child, who is essentially understood as an unfaithful, evil specimen. Step-relationships have been blatantly demonised for years, in response to which, the impressionable members of the society inherit the preconceived skepticism which significantly influences their behavior towards the stepchild in the family, consequently establishing a sense of contempt and distrust. It is this very culture which has continued to dictate real life relationships within blended families, Says Amin Iqbal.

Amin Iqbal asks a rather impelling question. Would we invest or behave in a family relationship the same way, had we not known that the member of a family is not related by blood, or better yet, had we not been exposed to the few negative incidences concerning blended families that have manipulated a subjective dynamic and reduced it to stereotypical conclusions?

Begangi has been on air since the last 25 weeks and the gripping story line is penetrating into the hearts of its viewers.

Utterly soulful drama serial, Begangi will soon come to an end as the second last episode will be aired tonight. The powerful cast includes Shehroz Sabzwari, Aqdas Wasim, Nausheen Ahmed and Asif Raza Mir playing the lead roles. The play has been produced by Sarfaraz Ashraf and would not have been possible without the integral contribution of its director; Amin Iqbal.