Trials, tribulations, and transitions

Trials, tribulations, and transitions

By Sheetal Dewan Kapur

Welcome to 2023.

Hello my dear, if you've clicked on this link, it means that something deep within you propels you to change. So welcome to a year 2023 that's all about transitions and changes.

  • We are standing tall yet moving into a year, which is set on taking us on a slow but emotionally volatile rollercoaster ride.

  • It says out loud, " Breathe deeply, dear one, this year unfolds your truth, your desires, and your fears. You will need to decide what you give more importance to, what people say to you or what you say to yourself." Introspection into who you are, what yo u want, and what you're choosing to let go is the key to successfully surviving 2023!

  • It starts with us paying homage to the past, the slow pace and the misinterpretations that January begins with wants us to create closure in one-sided, emotionally draining relationships thanks to the "Mercury Retrogation" that stays until the 18th of January 2023.

  • As we plunge ourselves into the directional strengths of Saturn, Mars, and Mercury collectively, our beliefs about who we are resurface. Creating a connection with a higher power helps us mitigate the chaos of our constantly evolving, complicated personality. It doesn't matter whether you're a fire sign, a water sign, an air sign, or an earth sign.

  • The collective frequency asks us to connect with one true truth. To be in gratitude and simply connect with the divine by praying. This prayer is not about chanting in a foreign language or being ritualistic it's about creating a continuous connection with the power that lives outside us and within us.

  • February, moving into the frequency of March, indicates that individual’s, who belong to the creative world, to the world of writers and content creators, the world of research (financial data), the esoteric world of tarot readers and occultist shall enter into a beneficial frequency where your idea's will quickly turn into constructive goals allowing you to create abundance.

  •  However, April brings in new moons and eclipses -  it yet again asks us to look deep within ourselves as we are about to close chapters and realign oneself to a new world order.

For April, the Zodiac goes.

·         Aries -  Revisit your relationship with your body and take care of your health.

·         Taurus - Realign your finances. It's time to conserve not be extravagent.

 ·         Gemini - Rest your mind.

 ·         Cancer - Reflect within and remind yoursely your purpose.

 ·         Leo - Re - assess your relationship with friends.

 ·         Virgo - Re ~ discover your talents and skills.

 ·         Libra - Realign your finances and your approach to investments.

 ·         Scorpio - Re-think if he/she is really worth your time and energy.

 ·         Sagittarius - Re-discover your ability to speak your truth

 ·         Capricorn - Re-learn the way you invest in relationships

 ·         Aquarius - Refresh your attitude towards your eating habits.

 ·         Pisces - Renew your subscription of loving yourself.

May to August

 The energetic  frequency  of May going into August indicates volatility in the stock market. However, industries that are associated with chemicals, new age tecologies, financial services, and hospitality will start showing progress.

 Water signs  (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

Dear Water babies, you shall become highly sensitive towards how you feel in your interpersonal relationships. Tempers shall flair up as you feel left out.

The period is predominantly about ending equations that serve no purpose to you. Finishing karmic relationships that have run their course. It's a brilliant time to look at new opportunities that are knocking on your door.



Daily Exercise will bring in calmess and the ability to harness this period.


Look at the rising sun, and just say thank you and mean it.


Choose to have a constructive relationship with your spouse and father.

 Air Signs

 (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Welcome Air Signs to a period where you will be reevaluating your friendships and your ability to communicate wisely in your professional space. New projects are dawning in the environment. Gains are coming your way. Singles will move into a beautiful phasse of attracting like-minded people.



Strength in your relationship with your mother.


Drink water in a copper glass


Be confident

Earth Signs

(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Hello meticulous earth signs, this period is when you pay attention closely towards building stronger networks professionally. Making constructive financial decisions will be the need of the hour. Couples, it's time to let past grievances go and move towar> ds building a beautiful phase.



Wear more White to attract more financial abundance


Create a solid plan towards your health and follow it.


Wear more red. It shall help you gain fame

Venus and Mercury play a jolly tune all through September. This fall brings in a feeling of melancholy to the surface. The past yet again comes up, thankfully not to haunt us this time around. September is not about loss or separation but about hope and trust.

We stand at a threshold where Mercury will ask us to speak our truth, and Venus helps us to simply reconnect emotionally with loved ones who are dear to us. This is also a fantastic time for water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)and air signs (Gemini, Libra,  Aquarius) to explore their individuality and to create a solid network profession


October arrives like a hurricane with gust, glory, and greviences. The Solar and Lunar eclipses of October rule one's mind, moods, and decisions. The solar eclipse on the 13th will impact how we react to the world geopolitically. New alliances will form as  the old dissolve. Keeping a close eye on oil and gas will become imperative. In the wake of servicing ego's and unkept promises, we shall see a new world order.

The Lunar eclipse dominates our reactions in the way we feel about this world we live in. This is a time when 

For The Zodiacs

Aries -  Saying "No" is not a bad thing. Being assertive about what you believe in does not make yourself a villain. we must learn to be kind. To see the glass half full rather than the glass half empty.

Taurus - Family is always important to you. Yet you walk a path that's solitary. Learn to believe in yourself and don't go saving anyone.

Gemini - Financial sustanancy is what these eclipses bring to the table. Pay attention to your health and your ability to communicate in intimate relationships.

Cancer - Learn to be kind to yourself as you plunge into a frequency of crooked people. Be sure who you trust with your truth. 

Leo - This frequency beckons you to create a new skillset as you navigate through a new tribe.

Virgo - Strengthen your finances by paying attention to new ventures that can create new avenues of income for yourself.

Libra -  Unwillingly, you may attract idiotic individuals who randomly choose to create chaos in your professional space. Be cautious in regards to trusting people.

Scorpio - Be clear, and the world is your oyster. Your inability to express yourself doesn't help you at this stage with your family.

Sagittarius - Your ability to communicate wisely in matters close to the heart is quite questionable. Center yourself by listening to your inner circle.

Capricorn - Dont destabilise yourself in the process of stabilising individuals in your work space. Learn to trust your instinct by using modalities of meditation and affirmations.

Aquarius - Be sure about yourself and be receptive to the changes that occur around you. Let bygones  be bygones release this  anger, the hurt, and the pain you feel. Just breathe.

Pisces - Out with the old and in with the new is the mantra of this period. Avoid engaging in any group gossip. The context will be forgotten, and the words will be magnified.

The 30"of October moving into December, the start of a new frequency.

The last of this year is where a new dawn ocours. Transitions come to an end, and we begin an exciting new adventure. New markets open up personally and professionally for the majority of us.

The 4th of November to the 31st of December shifts our focus on creating harmony in personal environments.  Globally, the world around us will be able to deal with the distortions it's created.

Jupiter will show us the truth of people and also help us to create the roadmap of new opportunities and experiences.The one thing 2023 is hellbent to teach us is that we have what it takes to achieve anything we want only if we believe in ourselves and al> so create a solid plan towards executing it.
On that note have a wonderful 2023


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